19 December 2011

Skull & Cones

I love ice cream in the winter, way better than summer.  So I made homemade ice cream cones using my pizzelle iron and organic vanilla. 

Just roll those babies right from the hot iron and bam, homemade ice cream cones.  Or quickly shape them over the bottom of a glass for ice cream cone cups.

I'd show you a picture of the cups, but I already gobbled them up.  And you know what?  They were gooooood.

But I didn't want to the pups to feel left out, so I froze doggy food in skull and bone ice cube trays.

Now we all have something nummy.


  1. It doesn't melt as fast if you eat it in the winter. Less mess. I always liked that too.

    p.s. I need to find those ice cube trays.

  2. Fett: They were at one of those Halloween pop up stores. And good point, it doesn't melt as fast. Happy Winter.

  3. Those dog treats are the business.......

  4. Can't eat ice cream in the winter. I'm cold enough on the outside - why make it cold on the inside, too? Besides, it has too many calories and I can't seem to limit my intake. Your cone looks yummy, though. What flavor of ice cream?

  5. Alex: They hold their shape well. Happy Writing.

    Lurker: Bug has belly troubles, so this is a great little treat she can handle.

    Stacy: Coconut with bitter chocolate chunks.

  6. Whisk, so do the doggies eat those? Or just lay around gnawing on them? Or just lick them until they metal away?

  7. Matt: They gnaw, but Wiggy likes to play with hers first. Not Bug. Bug just gobbles.