20 December 2011

Smoked Applewood Ham

Now that I eat meat, I tried smoked applewood ham in my skillet potatoes and cheese.  Only I added too much ham.

Next draft, I'll do a single layer of ham in the middle and keep the gold potatoes and cheese on the top.

Meanwhile, I found this ham at my local deli.  Each time I go, I get something new.  Got that from my mom.  Back when I was a kid, we'd always buy something new at the market. 

Just for fun.

That's all from me.  It's way past our bedtime.  Game is still on but we're pooped.  Time to hit the slab. 

'nighty night and boogie boogie.


  1. Oh I'm thinking of trying something new for Christmas dinner: a crown roast. After watching The Next Iron Chef, I'm a believer.

  2. Now that is a pretty picture, you can never have too much ham or cheese.....or potatoes!

  3. Wow. It looks fantastic. 'Cept the pork part maybe, but still. I think I would.

  4. Kim: It's fun doing something new. Best wishes and yummy dishes, to you.

    Lurker: I'm not a huge fan of ham. Bacon, I love. Ham, not so much.

    Trey: I nearly didn't publish it because I thought it didn't look good. So thanks.

  5. Porky: Just got your message in as I was typing the last one. I like it better without the ham. But I'll give draft two a try with less. Just to see.

    Either way, was fun to make.

  6. OK, seriously. If you insist on posting such yummy sounding dishes, I implore you to post the recipe you used. Failure to do so will only make me more hungry and envious of your hubby! ;)

  7. Matt: I'm sorry, I am bad at that. For this one I made layers of potatoes, cheese, onions and ham - twice.

    The potatoes were pre-cooked, and the cheeses were sharp American (by LandO'Lakes), and smoked provolone. Along with minced onions and a bit of almond milk added at the end.

    Going to make another draft of this, but with less applewood ham. Just want to make a surprise layer in the middle, instead of overwhelm the dish with meat.

    You cooking lately?

  8. Bersercules: Thanks for the drop-in. And the nice words. Hope you're having a yummy day. Cheers & Boogie Boogie.

  9. Applewood smoked ham sounds delish!(Especially tucking into the skillet potatoes like that) I think I need a nap right now too!

  10. Not cooked anything lately. A week ago I tried the omelet in a freezer bag (posted over at "Not Martha") and it was so-so. Would do in a pinch, but I would not recommend it.

  11. Lo-mo: That was my first time trying applewood deli ham. And it's a lower salt one, which I like. Do you have good delis where you live?

    Matt: Never heard of a freezer bag omelet. Or Not Martha. Will have to check them out.

  12. William: Was a bit heavy on the ham.