17 December 2011

Who Am I? Quiz 7

To win 18 snowballs and 2 dead worms, answer these:

1) Who am I?
2) Why am I so grumpy?
3) What is my special Christmas talent?

Here are the results from Quiz 6.

In other news, it's Saturday, I don't have to be anywhere, it's snowing and, I have four raw chickens in the fridge.

Double hot dog.


  1. No idea - looks like a wampa as envisioned by Jim Henson for a Muppet Star Wars special. Is he grumpy through lack of festive cookies?

  2. my ex wife... wait that is not it... her mother... wait.

    isn't that one of those bloated smurfs that they banished from the the island.

    i know the answer i just wanted to be funny, maybe bring a smile to your face[s].

    Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]
    Visit The Madness:

  3. Its the Bumble from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Bumbles bounce!

  4. I actually knew this one. I love stories where the bad guy is reformed.

  5. too, easy; it's the abominable snowman :) I LOVE Rudolf!

  6. 1 Bumble
    2 grumpy because the dentist pulled all his teeth out!
    3 special talent is putting the star on top of santa's tree!

    -thanks for stopping by, and happy holidays!

  7. I just watched these a few weeks ago when we put our tree up. We have all the stop-motion classics from our childhood on DVD and make it a point to make the kids suffer, er, enjoy them with us!

  8. Ah! Brad beat me to it (and I had forgotten about the special talent -- I would have said "bouncing"). I always loved the Bumble though!

    How is your lab refit going, by the way?

  9. Boogerbutts: Dead worms and snowballs for everyone. Our buddy the Bumble will personaly delivery them.

    Don't be afraid of the Bumble, now that his rotten tooth has been yanked, his a very happy Bumble.

    And if you said that his special Christmas talent was putting the star on top of the tree, you win 44 extra snowballs.

    Merry Christmas.

  10. Bard: Lab refit going well. Tim carved a little corner by the oven for me to work and take notes. Just made another pizza burger and hot wings over there. Love the new work space.

    Thanks for asking.

  11. He looks like he's strung out on something.

  12. Lurker: You've never seen a Bumble? My goodness, they're even better than Sleestaks.

    William: His tooth hurts. Poor monster.