07 December 2011

Goody Day

It's very late.  Bug and Tim have long gone to sleep and Wiggy stayed out here with me.  Everyone is snoring, and my well-aged pizzelle iron quietly rattles, as it cooks my last two cookies.

Wish I had smell-a-blog because this batch is made with organic vanilla (not anise), and the house smells wonderful.

Tomorrow is Goody Day at Tim's job, and I've got 104 pizzelles all wrapped and ready.  Along with 44 more that I made special, just for him to have here at home.

Meanwhile, it's 2:30 in the morning and way past my bedtime.  I best get in my jams and hit the slab.

Merry Christmas & Happy Eating.

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  1. Any leftover??? Sounds like the breakfast of champions to me.

  2. "Mmm...vanilla" (in my best Homer Simpson voice)

  3. LOL, okay, I changed my blog rules and cut out the restrictions. Not that I EXPECT anyone to swear like a sailor or be sultry/erotic, but I suppose I shouldn't be limiting. :D

    Your pizelles are beautiful!! And wow, 104 of them. You're so industrious. :)

  4. Alex: Plenty, but you'll have to fight Wiggy for them. She's guarding them for Tim.

    Lurker: I did. Was short but good.

    Rusty: Best Homer Simpson impersonator, ever.

    Carol: I was only teasing, but it will be interesting to see where that writing exercise goes. Happy Writing.

    Anita: The puppies even have their own puppy pizzelles. No sugar added, no butter but lots of ground Irish oats.

    mshatch: You've been working hard over there with all that critiquing. My goodness. Happy Editing.

  5. I think Wiggy can be distracted with a nice bone so that the cookies can be raided at our leisure....

  6. William: A nice bone will distract her for sure.