06 December 2011

3 Days Off

And they're smack in the middle of the week, which I don't like.  But I'm fixing to make something good of them, just the same.

Tim needs pizzelles for work, my lab is a mess, and I haven't done a damn thing to closeout the blanket business.  Toss in naps and puppy playtime, and this could work.

Meanwhile, Tim might be home for lunch today and I didn't fix anything.  So leftover organic egg salad with sweet tea, it is.  But what I really want is a hamburg with cheese.

Until next post, here's hoping your day is productive and fun.


  1. Hey, who wouldn't want to snuggle with a puppy?

  2. Not so productive here, but fun enough that I'll take it anyway. I'm a weird one and don't mind days off in the week, if only because it feels so free to get out and about in working hours, but you're right it's not so great when the other half isn't around. If Tim doesn't want the leftover egg salad, which I'll admit is a remote possibility, please teleport it and I'll polish it off.

  3. Porky: And they are organic eggs at that. Tim called and I asked him to pick up two hamburgs instead. Not healthy, no. But they were pretty darn good.

    Teleporting you egg salad now.

    It is nice to have days off in the middle and be able to go out without too many people being about. I agree.

    But this weekend I'm working so many hours and this week, he is. So our seeing each other is reduced. Kind of sucks.

    Plus there's a pile of crap that I have to get to in order to have that sewing room become an office. Stuff that I don't want to do, mind you. Ick.

    Having tea now and chatting with my girlfriends on instant message. Did clean the lab a bit though.

    Did you eat anything yummy today?

  4. Mid week chaos...takes me back to my time in the kitchens.....give the girls a snuggle from me.

  5. Lurker: I've been working there three months and I still haven't gotten grasp of the scheduling. Things don't quite feel normal, yet.

    Ah ... kitchen work.

  6. A snuggle would be nice but I'm afraid my own furbaby would disown me. As my husband tells him (our dog) when I happen to pet another dog, "Mommy cheated." And my furbaby, Caesar, then walks away, turns, and gives me a look of disappointment. Have a wonderful 3 days off.

  7. Savannah Rose: That is a great story. They are funny little things, dogs, not husbands.

    Wiggy is bigger so if the little one is getting too much attention, Wig just sits on her sister. And that pretty much takes care of that.

  8. omg what a spoiled puppy! She looks adorable and quite comfortable :)

  9. Love that snuggie :) Enjoy your time off.