07 December 2011

Where's the snow?

This late in the season and still nothing.  Nada.  Zilch.  Zip. 

I'm bummed.  And here I was wishing for a BIG snow storm during my 3 days off.  I even have a new book, all ready to read.

That Paladin, he must be hogging all the good snow.  No fair.


  1. We've had snow, the occasional flurry thus far. I'm not actually supposed to say those words, because I do love winter so much, and everytime I say a winter related word, it's quarters in the cuss jar for me.

    Snow, frost, blizzard, ice, hail, cold!

  2. Let's see, how many quarters do you have to have for this one?

  3. And more is falling as we speak. The upside is you avoid having shovel? :)

  4. I'm hoping for snow but only around Christmas when I'm off.

  5. i am keeping it in my pocket, i am not letting it out... yes it's a big pocket.

  6. William: That is funny. I never heard of quarters in a jar for saying snow. Boy, I'd owe a ton.

    We had one morning with a blanket of snow but it was melted by time I got done with prep.

    Norma: Let me see between William and I we owe ... now let me count ...

    Paladin: Right after I did this post and shut down the computer, we got a tiny bit of snow. Tiny bit. You still have all the good stuff.

    Lurker: White Christmas. Love those.

    iZombie: So that's where it is. And see here, I blamed Paladin.

  7. Our friend Beth has a cuss jar about saying anything related to Twilight, and since I love the winter, well, that's my cuss jar to fill.

  8. William: Twilight? That's funny, too.

  9. Yo Whisk! I've got a 1-2 inches of snow in Central PA today, but at what temperature is that cast-iron chicken meant to bake? I've been running it around 350 F (or higher), and maybe that's too low ... but it's still not as photogenic. Yet.

  10. Endra: I did 350F for about 1.5 hours. The bird was just about 4.5 to 5 pounds.

    Did you pat the bird dry? And then lightly coat the skin with oil, Kosher salt and good paprika?

    Some like to use butter but I've only done that once, and that was way back when I still wasn't eating meats.

    But anyway, I find too much oil and the skin doesn't crisp or color correctly.

    Hope this helps.