25 August 2011


Today I got to smash a bunch of lettuce heads on the prep counter to remove the cores. I'd never done that before.

So fun!

And dig this, one of the two main prep girls told me that she told the Big Boss that she wants me in prep more than I am needed on salad bar.

Hot dog.  Made my day. I'm so happy.

But then tomorrow, I will be sad because it's my last day at the fabric shop.  I've been tied to that shop for eight years as a worker, blanket maker and then again as a worker. 

And now ... I'm really really leaving.

So tomorrow, I'm definitely gonna need my big girl pants.

Melt the best tasting chocolate (I like dark or bittersweet), you can get and swirl the little pretzel sticks over a spoonful of melted chocolate, while using the edge of the spoon to make that groovy swirly style.

Cool in fridge with baking paper (parchment/wax) underneath and bam, in about 20 minutes these little babies are done.

I used organic fiber-rich pretzels and Sunspire grain chocolate for these, but any combination will do great.

Enjoy & Eat Well.

Click image to enlarge groovy swirly style.


  1. Big celebration tomorrow! Glad you get to smash more lettuce heads.

  2. Alex: Me too. And I get to do it again on Sunday. How groovy is that? So groovy, I can't even tell you.

  3. Whoa, those swirl sticks look gorgeous as well as delish! And BIG congrats on getting the job, woo! And ha, yes, it is SO fun to whack those middles out of the head lettuces. I've done that before (probably way back in high school when I worked in a restaurant). Now I don't do it cuz I only use leaf lettuce. ;o)

  4. I'm glad the cooking is working out so well! I will have to try to make those chocolate pretzels. I'm a home cook, nothing fancy, but those look great and pretty easy to make.

  5. Going from fabric to food is a big change for sure. My son and daughter in law had these pretzels with dark and white chocolate at their wedding reception. I could have eaten all of them myself, they were so good.

  6. You've never smashed lettuces to de-core them? Where have you been all this time Ivy? Hiding under a lettuce leaf? It is great fun isn't it? :-)

  7. Carol: Thanks. Did you like working in a restaurant? Ever grow your own organic baby greens? So yum.

    Jovial: And fiber-rich. Nothing says chocolate snack like a little added fiber. It's almost as good as honey on fish n'chips.

    Pierce: Thanks for dropping by. Hope your day was groovy.

    Dan: So so easy. I like to use a steamed sauce pot with a bowl of chocolate over it. Melt a little over half the chocolate. Remove from heat and then mix it all up to melt the rest, off flame. But some people like melting in a microwave.

    I am not one of those someones.

    KarenG: Those pretzels sound good. Were they big thick ones? Next time I'll probably coat the entire stick.

    austrodavicus: Not-a-once. Noppers. Yeppers, great fun. And today I got to do an entire case. Woohoo.

  8. Those look great! Enjoy your last day tomorrow.

  9. Trey: Howdy. It's a 10 hour day and we're getting pizza. Should be good. Gonna try not to cry. But I will of course, because when it comes down to it, I'm a big baby.

    Then Saturday off and Sunday prep.

    Is it still mega hot by you? Fall-like here.

  10. Congrats on the move. A big step in the right direction it seems.

    Say what now? Pretezels and Chocolate?! These are a few of my favorite things...

  11. Hey, I saw you stopped by The Clash today -- glad you did!

    It's great to hear your job is going well. I've been checking out your blog long enough to know that you'll be a big success at anything involving the culinary arts!

    Speaking of which, man, oh man, do those pretzels look good. Makes my tummy ache with envy that I can't have one!

  12. Barking Alien: I'm toying with a peanut butter chocolate pretzel next time out. Just for fun. See what happens.

    How goes the world of Smurfs? We saw a stuffed Smurf at the bookshop yesterday.

    Now ... if I can only come up with a stuffed smurf meal. Something fun. Something gross.

    Bard: I did indeed. Came by to say howdy hello. Haven't been out and about as much and wanted to pop in.

    Thanks for the nice words.

    Teleporting you some pretzels now ...

  13. At least you have a job. :(

  14. DWei: Just caught up with your blog. Good luck on getting the new job.

  15. Those look great, the lettuce had it coming.

  16. Lurk: It really did. Enjoy being on holiday. Hope you have tons of fun and rest.

  17. Nice post, the pretzels look pretty good right about now! Following :)

  18. Pretzels and chocolate again, I feel like it's my birthday!

    I'm very happy that one of the main prep girls wants you around more. That's always a good feeling to hear something like that.

    I'm sorry about today being your last day at the fabric shop, I know the feeling :(

  19. Red13: Just went to your blog and wishing you much luck with your new adventure.

    Veg: It was. Salad bar is so freaking boring, all we do is dump already prepped foods into containers and then keep the bar nice, clean those dishes and repeat. That's it. But prep, man alive, that's where the party is at. I love it!

    Thanks about the fabric shop.

  20. Good luck today at the fabric shop. There's always a bit of pain that goes along with change, eh? Yay for you and your big-girl pants!

  21. Those sticks are a very good idea - I can see myself giving it a go.

  22. Porky: They are very easy and fun.

  23. Those look excellent Whisk! I'm so happy that everything is going fantastic for you! I'm sorry about the fabric shop but happy about the steak house job!

  24. Needles: I finished the last one tonight. Had a fun last day at the fabric shop and I tell ya, I wasn't even sad. I'm just ready. It was time. Felt good.

  25. Smashing! Sounds like stress relief to me!! I am in love with those pretzels though!! That swirl of chocolate is fabulous!!

  26. Lo-mo: Chocolate peanut butter up next.