26 August 2011

Bagel Snails

Got up this morning ready to leave the fabric shop. Yeppers. I'm done. Time to move forward with writing and food. 

Feels good.  

And dig this, I made bagel dough into bagel snails. And they were yummy. Next time, I'm going to try onion bread swirls.

But right now, I'm off to cut fabric.

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  1. I wish my monitor was equiped with taste-o-vision.

  2. Those looks good!
    As opposed to what came to mind when I read your post title...

  3. Yummy!! I am going to make custard for desert tonight- or maybe breakfast tomorrow as well~ Cheers!

  4. Yes, I had an entirely different expectation with that title.

  5. I'm impressed you can make food look so good. I can make it more or less okay, but getting it to look the part is much harder.

  6. mshatch: Tim gobbled up the last of them when I was at work, so I'll make you a fresh batch.

    Trey: That would be cool.

    Alex: What came to mind? See, all I saw while making them was snails, snails, snails.

    iZombie: They were.

    Nancy: I never made custard. Hope it came out great.

    William: I am missing something, for sure. What did you think of? Or is it too awful to say?

    Porky: Smoke and mirrors. That's all.

  7. Those look pretty tasty! Thanks for the teleported pretzels yesterday! :)

  8. Oh... I am drooling like "Homer Simpson". They look so good! I wish I had one this morning with my coffee.

  9. Mo D: Have you made your own bagels yet? They are super easy and fun.

    Inverse: Tim gobbled the last of them so I'll catch you on the second batch.

  10. Great looking bagel swirls!! I bet they make great sandwiches!

  11. Matt: They went fast.

    Lo-mo: These were little dudes, half the size as a standard bagel. But yeah, had we not eaten them all, they would have been good for sandwiches.