24 August 2011

Prep vs. Salad

Yesterday I was crossed-trained on salad bar. Not my favorite job at the steakhouse, but as a fill-in I could handle it.

My real favorite by far, is prep cook. It's more detailed than salad bar and has more to do with food.

And that, I love.

Meanwhile today, I'm home doing chores. And soon, to make a big-ass batch of tomato sauce for later use. And then after that, dip pretzels into melted chocolate.

Life is good.


  1. Trey: Think I'll go with the chocolate dipping first, since my fingers will be covered in organic raw garlic if I do the sauce first.

    Melted chocolate. So yum. Melted chocolate with little bits of garlic. Maybe not so yum.

  2. How does restaurant cooking compare to home cooking, as far as the work involved? I'd think it would be quite different. Is it more or less challenging, etc?

  3. Dan: Howdy. Thanks for the question. That was fun.

    I'm only a prep cook at the restaurant but honestly, I do way more work at home. Nearly everything I make is from scratch, where the steakhouse has way way too many buy-ins for my taste.

    Do you like to cook?

  4. Janna: Please pull up a seat and have something yummy. We always have plenty of food to share.

  5. Inverse: I am too. Been up since 4AM and I still haven't had anything but a bite of old cheesy bread that I made this past weekend.

    Gotta go find me some grub, then get to dipping those pretzels.

  6. you always know how to bring a good zombie to the table, and brain not required...


  7. Those pretzels dipped in chocolate sound awfully tasty!

    Enjoy your day!

  8. @Whisk - I think those pretzels sound great. :) Responding from over on my blog (my work blocks pop-up comments so I can't comment on my own blog :p) I did get an email from you a while back about supporting your friend's cake design in the contest (and I voted for it). Was that the one or was there another?

    Did you guys feel the quake yesterday?

  9. iZombie: Chocolate covered brains. Yum.

    Bard: They are fiber pretzels and not too bad, but I think chocolate will really make 'em pop.

    Trey: It was a different email, but I can't remember now what it was about. Thanks for voting on the other one though.

    Didn't feel the quake. Tim did. I heard the fire department go off but that's about it.

    Everybody okay by you?

  10. I've started doing a little cooking again myself, here lately. It's something I've always enjoyed, but in the past I've put it on the back burner (ha!) and focused my attentions elsewhere.

    For the past several weeks, I've been watching a lot of BBC America during the weekdays and they play a lot of Gordon Ramsay. So, I blame him for inspiring me. :)

  11. mm melted chocolate. I like to add a bit of butter and then pour it over ice cream - preferably coffee Hagen Das - where it hardens into a delectable shell. Over pretzels sounds pretty good, too :)

  12. Maybe my chores would be more fun with melted chocolate to follow? Worth a try... Will it be beer and pretzels?

  13. James: You started cooking again. Fantastic. I look forward to hearing about your adventures in the kitchen.

    The UK shows with Ramsey are in my opinion, a billion times better than the American copies. He's not all yelling and swearing and I learn far more from the UK shows. Love 'em. Glad to hear you are enjoying them as well.

    He is inspiring. And damn good at his jobs.

    mshatch: I've never had butter melted into chocolate and over Hagen Das. How great that it hardens. I'll have to give that a go sometime. Sounds so yummy.

    Thanks for telling me about it.

    Porky: Yes, I have to say, chores go by much faster when kitchen time is included. Going to check out your beer and pretzels game, and then back to the lab for more cooking.

    Hope your work day is going well and you're having lots of yummy things to eat.

  14. chocolate covered pretzels..yumm-o, life is good!
    I picked 25 pounds of tomatoes yesterday and sauce is on the to-do list here, but tomorrow. Are you canning or freezing the sauce?

  15. I imagine a 'big-ass batch' is really big!

  16. Daisey: Howdy Lady. Some we'll eat and the rest I'll freeze.

    25 pounds, that is fantastic. And ever so yummy. Do you can or freeze or both?

    Alex: It's not quite as bit as lard-ass but it's a good amount.

    Much luck to you with regard to starting your new writing support group. I think if you keep the drama mamas out of it, it could be really great.


  17. Home made tomato sauce? Is that for pasta or for fish n chips?

  18. Man I love homemade tomato sauce! Thanks so much for all of the yoga video recommendations!

  19. Ray: For chicken meatballs and pasta. So freaking good. Then the rest will be stored for little pizzas, down the line.

    Never had tomato sauce on fish and chips before. I like honey on mine.

    Jess: Those are some good beginner ones, or, I think they are. They might not be for everyone.

    Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a yoga-rific day.

  20. Salad bar seems way below your talent level.

  21. Sounds better than being a backline worker at a fast food restaurant like me. :P

  22. Sounds like sooo much work...but fun work!! Chocolate dipped pretzels would hit the spot right about now!

  23. I just gagged on my toast!!! HONEY on fish 'n' chips, that's just Wrong!!!
    Salt and vinegar and a slosh of tomato sauce (ketchup) for the chips
    You say tomayto I say tomartoe!!

  24. Glad things are working out but honey on fish and chips is the devils arse water I'm afraid.

  25. Susan: It's just a little boring ... but if I have to do it, I'll find something to love about it and then I'll get past the boring parts.

    DWei: I worked at a burger joint for a very little while and so badly wanted to get back in the kitchen. But they kept me at the register. I did get to do fries though, and that was a hoot. Really enjoyed that.

    Lo-mo: No more work than all that stuff you do at home. In fact, the stuff you and I make at home is a billion times better and more time consuming.

    Your cake and Trina's have gone up by tons. Keeping my toes crossed.

    Ray: Oh, that's tomato sauce to you. What? You don't like honey on your chips. Oh boy, you're missing a world of good.

    I never had vinegar on mine before. I think it's probably not anything like honey.

    Lurk: Tim doesn't like it either but I love it. And honey on my breaded chicken and chips as well. So so yum.

    Hope you're feeling better.

  26. Your new job is cooking . . . and there you are at home, cooking! Good for you!!! Chocolate pretzels sound yummy.

    I've awarded you something on my blog.

  27. Boy do I love the combination of chocolate and pretzels. Makes me hungry thinking about it. Thanks for mentioning tomato sauce, I need to go to the store for some ingredients to make some myself.

  28. MG: You have something for me? Oh boy. Just got in from work and I'll be right over.

    Yeppers, prep and then home for more prep. Making chicken meatballs tonight, homemade bread and maybe a small batch of pizzelles for dessert.

    So fun.

    Veg: I know, it's so good. Why is that? Much fun with your batch of tomato sauce. Soon as I leave the online world, I'm going to process mine out, which means portion and reserve what we'll use tonight.

    Thanks bunches for stopping by and catching up.