08 November 2010

Frankenstein's Monster

I've had this shirt forever.  Found it today while cleaning and I still can't part with it. 

I love this book because it has metric cooking, fantastic pictures, great formulas and it's educationally written.  Got it at Borders in the discount bin, and used a coupon.  Total cost: 4 bucks.  And, the register printed $10 off my next purchase.  Love that.

Here's Barney hard at work, whisking sugar, corn syrup, water and unflavored gelatin.  Even though I'm not a fan of corn syrup, I wanted to use the formula provided, before I start testing with organic agave nectar. 

I split the batch of marshmallow and made half into peanut butter fudge. The marshmallows requires 8 to 12 hours to set.

I like this image and wanted to add it to one of my blogs but the opportunity never came, so I'm putting it here.  I just like it.  Tim asked me to ask you, what movie did this guy come from?

It's way late for me, so I better go hit the slab. Thanks for reading and have a great night and a wonderful day.  And as always, remember to eat something yummy.


  1. I think that pic might be from The Fly with Jeff Goldblum

  2. I just love this picture. So great. Thanks for reading, Fran.

  3. Drats, some one beat me to the answer :-) I totally knew that one! Great flick!

    Thanks for joining my blog. Have been checking out yours. I love that you've combined your love for writing children's books and cooking. While I don't love cooking (but man do I love to eat some yummy foods), I do LOVE children's books. I own A LOT of them from when I was teaching first grade and then kindergarten. My kids are spoiled with wonderful literature!

    Anyway, you were number 50 on my follow list so I think I might run a contest for making it to 50! Thanks for your kind posts on my blog and I hope you can visit again so (as I will yours :-))

  4. oops, I meant to say visit again soon, not so haha

  5. Hi Melanie -- Thanks for joining my blog as well. I'm new to this blogging but find it a great deal of fun. Thanks for the kind words.

    It is a great movie.

    Happy Writing :-) and chat with you again soon.