07 November 2010

15 Readers and Barney

Holy marshmallows, Batman, I'm excited. I have 15 followers. And to celebrate, I spent some of my Halloween gift money, on this bad boy. His name is Barney and he holds 120V/60Hz/300W of whisking electric power.

That's right. No more whisking marshmallows by hand. I've upgraded to this sleek, 5 attachment model of whisking magic. He even comes in his own power tool-style case. Barney might not be the strongest on the market, but he was affordable. And for me, a hand-whisker, it'll be a whole new adventure.

Thanks for joining. Life is good.


  1. Thanks for stopping by. Excited to give him a try but can't yet because the water just got knocked out. Had a whole experiment day planned but ... that's okay. I'll work on something else.

    Did you decide what you're making for your second Thanksgiving?

  2. Wow! What a sexy whisk Barney is. lol I'm jealous!
    NaNo word count 3,734 *hangs head in shame* It says on my stats that if I continue at this rate I will finish on Feb 16th hehe.
    But its the start of a new week so its head down and bum up.

    Hi Pat :o) I checked out your website and added you as a buddy on NaNo. Great website! 'Write now, Edit later' - that's the reason I joined NaNo to learn to do just that. Tis hard though :o)

  3. Hi Niki - Yes, I agree. Barney is indeed a sexy whisk. I cracked up when I read that. Good stuff.

    Feb 16th? Oy. Well ... are you having any fun of it? How's the plowing ahead without editing as you go, going?

    We lost water today so my hopes of using Barney aren't good but ... I've been taking photos of upcoming blog ingredients. Sunny day out, so the shots are working well.

    Good luck and keep on writing.

  4. Do you name all your appliances? Is Tim in fact a refrigerator? Maybe Barney can get a Google account and join too, he is a handsome fellow. Just kidding ;)

    Congrats on the 15, oh, it's 16 now - you're whipping up a following as fast as the food. Keep it up!

  5. 16? Hot dog. Life is good.

    Yes, the special ones get names. Never had a whisk that came in a power tool-style box before. I didn't even know such things were for purchase.

    Thanks for stopping by. How's your writing going?

  6. Looks to whimpy for me oh yea you like whimpy the the bookstore joke. oh looky there one comment and hit two blogs.

  7. Hey you. I know you. You better watch it buddy because I'll knock that Nickelback hat right off your head. I will you know.

    Thanks for joining my blog. Hugs hugs.

    PS: My mixer can beat up your mixer. So there.