10 November 2010

Bookstore Magic Trick

Behold.  In my left hand is a 33 percent off coupon. In my right, a Borders gift card.  Put them together and wha-laa! Diary of a Wimpy Kid - The Ugly Truth, book 5.  Life is good.


  1. Hi LoneIslander. Yeppers, gift cards rock. I'm saving the read for my next day off.

  2. hehe one of my daughters works at Borders and she gets me 30% off with every book I buy lol sorry I sound like a show-off! How was your day back at work? It's Thursday 2.30pm here so I'm guessing you've finished work for Wednesday?

  3. Hey Niki - We LOVE Borders. Go there so much and with coupons. If we lived closer, I'd work there.

    I went back to writing yesterday, logged my regular 4 hours in. That was great. And today went back to the fabric shop. That was great as well.

    Stay-cation was soooo wonderful and I feel totally recharged and back to schedule. Thanks so much for asking.

    How's your writing?

  4. I even got the hat for Wimpy Kid. Tim wanted to get it for me and I have to admit, it's a fun hat. I'll wear it tomorrow during my 4 hour writing shift.

    The book I'm saving for my next day off. I want to read it snuggled under my snowman blanket, drinking ginger peach tea, with the Christmas lights on and the phone ringer, off.

    Ah ...

  5. Yum ginger peach tea sounds nice. I have ginger green tea. Im jealous, it's so hot here 32 degrees celcius, give me the cold weather anyday, the sun just fries your skin, I hate it, and the kids have come home hot and moody from school. But, aww snuggling under a blankie is great eh. i always snuggle under my fluffy blanket with teddies and ladybirds and butterflies on it. It was given to me for the baby when I was pregnant 6 years ago. But I kept it for myself ha!

    Writing was good yesterday but not today, I have a headcold, but still plodding along.

    Your hat sounds neat! I hope it keeps you inspired and your head warm while you write :o)

  6. Hi! Nice to meet you! I still haven't read the diaries yet... on my list!

  7. A big hello to Lynda and Pk Hrezo - Thanks for stopping by. Wonderful to meet you both. I look forward to our chats.

    Lynda: Vouchers are wonderful. Love them.
    Pk: I love this series. So so fun.

    Happy Writing to All, and to all, a productive day.