09 November 2010

Writing Spaces

Tim made me this space, during our stay-cation.  It's against the wall in our bedroom and I love it.  It's quiet and I no longer have to share my writing with my cooking area.  How about you? Where do you write?


  1. ha ha! this reminds me of one of those facebook trends that sweeps through the statuses, people putting in cheeky references to where they like to have 'it' it being their purse/handbag.

    Personally when it comes to me I like it wherever and whenever I can get it. On the dinner table, on the kitchen table, on my knees, on the sofa . . .

    Writers spaces is an interesting topic. I think it says a lot that JK Rowling wrote her books in a busy cafe while her baby slept. Other writers had to construct strange towers of solitude in order to work. Good article on it here


  2. Hi D - Tim loves to write at the cafe. Thanks for the article. I'll give it a read.

    I used to love writing at the kitchen table. It's a nice high table and the view out back is wonderful. I loved writing there but hated having to put all my stuff away (notes, laptop, markers, manuscript), when it came time to cook.

    And I cook a lot. I write new formulas and test them. So the the manuscript and the cooking stuff, were really getting in each others way.

    Thanks for stopping by. So nice to know you.

  3. Shh, don't tell anyone, but I write at work ; )

  4. Thanks for the laugh, Bliss. Your secret is safe with me.

  5. I have a dedicated study that I usually write in.

    But sometimes, when I need to shake off writer's block or am just distracted by too many books, curios and my Rubik's Cube, I retire to an unused upstairs bedroom for a change in venue. It's quite a lovely room, all done in teak and gets lots of afternoon sun, but since we don't use it, it's pretty spartan and free of distraction.

  6. Hi Sean. That room sounds really nice. I love working with the afternoon sun. Sometimes I'll write on the back deck, too.

    Thanks for stopping by. Happy Writing :-)

  7. Bliss! I won’t tell either.

    I write wherever I can and it feels comfortable: dining room table, the couch, the café, the library, etc. Something I need it quiet while other times I prefer the noise and chaos.

  8. Hi Holly. Thanks for joining the conversation and my blog. So nice to meet you.

  9. Hi
    This space looks very like mine minus the twenty books lied up each side of the monitor - reflecting my split personality the one on my left are paranormal romance and the ones on my right are MG , mostly fantasy.
    On the wall ahead and left are the work boards COVERED in images for the two wips.
    Other than that, the similarity is remarkable. ;)

  10. And the proof reader I usually keep hanging from the ceiling, is having an hour off the leash - LINED

  11. Hi Elaine. How's the writing going today? So glad you stopped by and told us about your writing space. Very cool.

    I came out to get some tea and I'm headed back to my little corner of the world, fighting zombies and other fun monsters.

    Happy Writing and Happy Eating :-)

  12. I love your writing space! You can do a lot of writing in a cozy area. :)

  13. In the den, sitting in my humongous recliner. :)

  14. I write where ever. Sometimes I write in my office with my laptop or while I'm in class when I'm supposed to be paying attention (Like now). Lately I've been writing a lot on my iPod in a gamechair by our fireplace. I need a dam bubble pipe to complete that retarded image

  15. Thanks, Christian. It is cozy. And the warmest room in the house too.

    Humongous recliner. That's great. And it's also really fun to say. Humongous recliner.

    Hey LoneIslander - or when you're online for a new CoD release. I've been to those midnight releases. There's always a few of us wives and girlfriends in the car, waiting for the line to go down.

    We just got home for the bookstore for my Wimpy Kid and GameStop for Tim's copy of CoD.

    Life is good.

    Thanks guys for stopping by. So great to see you. Happy Gaming :-)

  16. Your space looks lovely!
    My writing space is a mess! lol I've taken over the dining table which is pushed up against the outer side of the kitchen bench. Its covered in papers and books, laptop, and a furry toy mole from England(he's my writing buddy). Some of my paper piles have made it up onto the bench. Though they are stacked neatly for easy removal incase of visitors!

  17. Hey Niki - your area sounds like my old area with me writing and cooking in the same place.

    Love the writing buddy on your desk. Right now Tim has Sam the Sleestak and a whack a zombie named Bill, on his desk.

    Hope the NaNo writing is going well, today. And little Nano as well.

  18. for me.. it's either in the old studio ( I inherited my folks old place - moms studio makes a perfect writing space...) or if the weathers nice..I'm out on the porch - up and away from people

  19. Hi Toby - I love writing from the back deck. Thanks for stopping by. I enjoyed your post the other day. Very nice to meet you.

    Hope you see you again. Happy Eating and Happy Writing.

  20. Hi Ivy - first, just wanted to say "THANK YOU!!!" for stopping by my blog and becoming a new follower. It's always great to "meet" new people - :)

    Ahh, so nice of your husband to make you this space! A sure show of support in the things you love to do. I generally write while I'm at work (instead of working, oops!) I just find my mind's a bit more active during the day. :)

  21. Hi Donea - nice to meet you too. And thanks for joining mine.

    I love to write early early AM, the most. Love that time.

    Hubby is a good guy. He's a writer too, so he gets it. Which makes life easy.

    Thanks again for joining. Happy Writing :-)

  22. As long as it's quiet for a longer period of time, I can write almost anywhere. I hate being interrupted!

    The breads on the right side here looks good, do you bake anything with sourdough?

  23. Hi Jesan - so nice to meet you. I enjoy writing in the quiet as well.

    Thanks for the nice words. I haven't played with sourdoughs yet, or rye breads. They are on my To Bake List.

    Do you enjoy baking breads?

    I love, love, love making everything bagels. So yummy.

    Thanks for stopping by. Happy writing and happy eating :-)

  24. What a wonderful writing space! I do most of my writing in the kitchen, at the breakfast bar, right across from the fridge. As you can imagine it's a very high traffic area and not ideal. Luckily, I'm very good at tuning out the chaos.