11 November 2010

What's in your cup?

My three favorites while on the job are Seattle's Best Organic Decaf (with caramel cream), ginger peach tea, and green tea and lemongrass.  How about you?


  1. I pretty much only drink water unless I'm sick. Then I have whatever weird tea my mother gives me >.>

  2. Hey LoneIslander - I always have water on my desk, too. And sometimes, I splash some orange juice in.

  3. Hi MG Higgins - Thanks for joining. Happy Writing.

  4. Coffee (a blend made by a local coffee shop), tea (iced green tea or English Breakfast or spiced Chai – I vary it up a lit), or lately hot cocoa.

  5. Hey awesome blog I love the format, I am a tea addict hahah Earl Grey for me every morning with a splash of soy milk and honey.

  6. oh, ginger peach tea sounds yum!
    I love my herbal teas -- anything with cinnamon in it, although my favourite at the moment is cranberry, raspberry and strawberry.
    (I love my hot chocolates too)

  7. We only use Spanish espresso coffees (Pilon, Cafe Bustello etc) and I HAVE to have my hazel nut coffee mate. For tea, I love Celestials Seasonings Honey almond (is that what it is? something like that).

  8. Boston's Mint tea (the one in the yellow box) is what I use to make Iced tea. Lemon and sugar. Oh it's heaven.

    When it comes to hot tea, it's Irish Breakfast or English Breakfast with cream and sugar.

    I drink ginger peach tea without sugar these days. It's passable.


    I also make a chai tea for health reason.

  9. We're currently stuck on Starbucks' Pike's Place. I take a 32 oz mug of it to work with me, every morning.

  10. My favourite coffees are all old world beans:

    1. Ethiopian dark roast.
    2. Kenyan
    3. Java

  11. I like ice tea, but it makes me pee a lot.

  12. I am a green tea junkie. There, I said it. I guess the first step is admitting you have a problem, LOL!
    Nice to meet you and your blog!

  13. Hello Everyone. And a big welcome to the new. So many great drinks. Thanks so much for stopping by and joining. You made my day.

    Lydia: I love green too, as well. I enjoy a hint of lemongrass in mine. And I always love to drink that tea when I eat spicy meat and rice dishes.

    Tim: Haha. You crack me up. Smooch.

    Sean: I'm new to drinking coffees. I haven't had this but will look for them. Thanks.

    James: Haven't had that one either. I love the way Starbucks smells. Oh so good.

    Pat: Oh, I forgot about your mint tea. That is yummy. Love it cold, too.

    Melanie: Have you ever put hazelnut in a tea cup, and then pour hot tea over it? I love that. So good.

    Lynda: Have you ever tried raspberry sage tea? Oh boy, is is wonderful. I never tried strawberry. I'll have to give it a taste.

    Paladin: I never had Italian sodas either. My goodness, there so much to try just in this list. Fantastic.

    Shutterbugz: Hi nice to meet you. Thank you for the nice words. Have you ever tried the flavored soy creamers? Hazelnut, vanilla, and regular. I like them in tea and coffee.

    Holy: Love spiced teas. Love chai. Num num num.

    LoneIslander: What kind of weird teas? I really enjoyed your CoD new release post. Fantastic.

  14. I love tea! Celestial Seasons Mandarine Orange Spice and Cinnamon Apple are two of my favorites!

  15. Hi Maria - I haven't tried either of those yet. My goodness. I better get out my shopping list. I got a lot to sample.

    Thanks for stopping by. How's the writing going today?

  16. Sparkling water when I can get it. I take my caffeine in the form of green tea (flavored with ginger or some kind of non-peach fruit). I kinda wish I drank coffee, but I can't stand the stuff.

  17. Hey Risus Monkey - that's understandable. For a very long time, I only liked the smells of coffee brewing but wouldn't drink it.

    I love to add raw ginger to drinks and foods.

    ... I would eat raw ginger in a house. I would eat raw ginger with a mouse.

    Thanks for joining. Nice to meet you.

  18. Hi! I'm a new follower and fellow writer. I love most coffee drinks from Starbucks, and also green tea with lemongrass or jasmine, and lots of other herbal teas. I like the Tazo brand a lot.

  19. Hi Alexia - so nice to meet you. There's a nice group here of all kinds of talent. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks for stopping by.