29 October 2010

Halloween Staycation

Good Morning and Happy Almost Halloween. Last night I cleaned the house, and today is our last day of work, before we both start our 10 day Halloween staycation.

Life is good.

Here's a photo of our backyard. I took this a couple days ago. This is my view each morning when I begin writing.

Have a very scary day.


  1. Hi Ivy - thanks for your comment :o) Your blog looks so yummy and I love all things scary. Halloween is not that big in NZ but I do remember as a kid carving out huge orange pumpkins and having it sit beside my bed at night with the candle burning. So cool!

  2. Hi Niki - So nice to meet you. Loved your blog. It was lots of fun.

    We're taking a staycation this week. Not traveling. Just staying close to home. The price is right and the food is yummy.

    Happy Spring to you. And Happy Writing :-)