26 October 2010

Oh So Delicious

Want a yummy way to reheat pizza, without the oven or microwave? It’s easy. Just heat a cast iron skillet on low, add the cold pizza and don’t crowd the pan. Remember to keep an eye on the bottoms, and adjust the flame so the pizza warms but doesn’t burn.

Right before I’m ready to pull the slices, I flip the pizza, cheese-face down on the skillet for about 5 to 10 seconds. Since my flame is low, the cheese doesn’t burn. A little of it might melt in the pan, but it’s never much.

If you haven’t reheated cold pizza in a skillet, it may take a few times to get it right, but once you do … it’s oh so delicious.


  1. That's a very handy tip. Thanks! :)

  2. Hi Christian,

    You're welcome. That's how my grandma used to reheat her pizza.

    I went marketing today and bought some new ingredients to play with. Hope you had a fun day cooking, as well.

    Happy Eating :-)

  3. That's an experiment i'm going to try the next time we have cold pizza.

    The only kind of Pizza I can eat cold is from Nick's, a landmark pizza joint in Calgary, and my go-to place when I want "good" pizza, not the stuff you get from dominos, papa johns and the like.

  4. Wait ... I didn't know Dominos made pizza.

    Nick's sounds good. We used to have a place here that made good pizza but they left. Unfortunately for them, the location they selected wasn't conducive to sales.

    They were a super nice family too.

    I love making homemade pizza - you'll see as my blogs continue. Tonight it's meatballs and homemade sauce.

    Have a great one, everybody. Time for me to get to my writing.

  5. Great, now I want some pizza!
    I enjoy cold pizza too, perfect cure for hangovers.

    wv: pusts....now I want a pustie!

  6. Hi JJ: I had to Google what a pustie was. Looks like an Italian chocolate pastry. I never had those.

    Thanks for stopping by.