30 October 2010

Scary House

We visited this scary house awhile back. Trees chopped, windows removed, this yard was creepy. But I like that.

Last weekend we hit an old graveyard. I'll get to posting those this week, during our 10 day Halloween staycation.

Happy Holiday and Happy Haunting.


  1. Neat photos. That house would make a good scene in a book :o)

  2. Hi Girls - Thanks for stopping by. We found this house one year on our way home from doing a craft show (we used to sell homemade blankets).

    It was such a neat place that I walked around and took some shots. It's been since torn down.

    The weird thing is they removed all the windows, but then left the windows on the ground. Not sure why.

    Just got back from the bookstore cafe. It's late for me, a little after 10pm. Got all my writing done for the week (20 hours), and now I'm officially on holiday for 9 days. Woohoo.

    Have an excellent Halloween, ladies. Chat with you again soon.


  3. Yes, I did see this one, just didn't have time to comment on it - the weekend has been brutal at work.

    My initial thoughts were, "damn," and, "wow." That's one of those houses who are built on an indian burial ground, have housed a serial-killer, has several corpses buried beneath it, and a child bricked into a basement wall.

    If they were to build a mental-hospital on the site next, that would only be fitting.

  4. Hi Harald,

    I tell ya, that's about how the place felt too, very creepy walking about the lot.

    Sorry the weekend has been brutal at work. I feel your pain.

    Hope you had some time to watch a good scary movie today, and eat something yummy.