04 January 2024

Macro Mothman + Friday Question

Home from work. Was a good day. Got spuds in the pressure cooker. I'm off artificial/frozen potato anything. So no potato puffs (they're like tater tots), from Aldi. Instead, making warm potato salad. 

Ever eat potato salad warm? Oh my gosh, I love it. 

In other news, here's a shot Mothman. Not a true miniature, unless compared to the real Mothman, then this is teeny. Tim got him this week and anytime Tim gets a new thing like this, I gotta break out the camera and play. 

In other, other news, we looked at the outside of a house this past weekend. Just too much wrong with it. Still nice to look. 

Lastly, Friday Question. Anyone of correctly guesses what the last image is wins two broken horse shoes and a used ear plug. 

You're welcome. 

And that my Boogerbutts and Shutterbugs, is all that's fit to print. Hope you're having a yummy week. Did I mention potato salad? So good. 

Chat again soon. 

Huggs & Bugs, 

Friday Question
What am I? 


  1. I have no idea what these items are. Have a great weekend! Happy New Year!

  2. What am I? A cross section of an orange or tangerine.
    I have eaten warm potato salad, my daughter-in-law made some as part of our Christmas lunch, with bacon and onions, soooo, delicious!

  3. That is a cool mothman figure.
    We eat as natural and healthy as possible.
    And the image looks like a flower.

  4. I have never had warm potato salad. But I do love potatoes.

  5. I love potato salad warm or cold and I love using my IP to cook my potatoes!

  6. No idea what any of the images are! But I like your enthusiasm.

  7. I'm guessing the bottom image is a closeup of a clementine.

  8. Wow on Mothman! I love warm potato salad.

  9. Warm potato salad is good. V good.
    I agree with Alex about the final image.

  10. OMG, I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes warm potato salad. It's the bee's knees!
    Happy New Year!

  11. That's a great macro shot. Warm potato salad is very popular over here.

  12. I don’t know what a mouth man is but since you started deposed and said he got a new mask man I’m going to guess that this is a lost man ha ha ha. The next one looks like a flower but nothing like one I’ve ever seen before so maybe it’s a big flower? I love warm potato salad and every time I make potato salad the first time we eat it as warm and then I usually make enough for a couple of days and sometimes we eat it cold and sometimes I hate it just a tad in the microwave I love it warm most of all.Mine is made with no onions

  13. Warm potato salad is delicious. That last picture made me think of a petunia.

  14. Not sure about warm potato salad, but I do like German potato salad which is warm. It is very zippy in flavor. I would say a backlit orange or mandarin.

  15. The last photo is a slice of something citrus-y but beyond that, I can't say.

  16. I do not know what they are. As for potato salad, I like it made with tarragon, vinegar and mayo. No eggs. It can be warm or cold.

  17. I recently learned of Mothman when my son drove through West VA and stopped to take a pic! I'll say that last photo is a cross section of grapefruit.

  18. I just had to look up details about Mothman ... an interesting read

    Although your image looks like a flower I think it's going to be a cross section of a fruit, perhaps a tangerine.

    Happy house hunting in 2024 ...
    Hope you enjoyed your potato salad.

    Have a great weekend.

    All the best Jan

  19. I'd say an orange, but maybe not. Mothman looks great in his close up. I hope you have a super weekend! hugs-Erika

  20. I would guess the shade of an old Victrola grammaphone. Happy weekend!


  21. Hello! I think I've tried a thousand times (ok, slight exaggeration!) to leave some comments and wasn't successful. Blogging glitches...grrr! Here's hoping this goes thru without errors!

    Potatoes are one of my favorite things! Even when dieting, I just have to fit them in somehow!
    My mother-in-law used to make German potato salad. She served it warm. It was good.

  22. Love warm potato salad...and I have no idea what that photo is of...maybe a flower?

  23. Ah now, my son would have known what that was :) Warm potato salad sounds wonderful! Hope you find a house soon but looking and enjoying makes it easier. Good luck!