27 August 2014

Baker's Report: Both Ass & Arse

Today kicked BOTH ass and arse.  Yeppers.  That's how good my work day went.

Got my food writing and experiments done, including but not limited to, apple pie.  Kitchen is cleaned and closed for the day, and whilst I'm still in my prep cook clothes - aside from writing more notes about today's lab work - I'm done.

PS: Dig these mini pie bakeware dishes from Portugal.  Got them on clearance at Wegmans for $1.72 each.

PPS: These little dishes hold more apples than I hoped for.  One pie serves four good slices or six smaller portions.

PPPS: Now I can experiment with various pie crusts on a smaller scale.  I LOVE IT!

PPPPS: And it's really 4:44 in the afternoon.  This day rocks.


  1. I'm here for the apple pie and the amusement...

  2. You goddess in the kitchen, you!

  3. I would love those dishes that is one of my favorite colors. The color of a Paloverde Tree. You must have a huge pantry for all your dishes !
    Not sure what a Wedmans is maybe like a Home Goods ?
    But when I first saw the name, I was thinking you were throwing a man and his underwear joke in.......

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Hey Parsnip. Wegmans is a food market/grocery store with lots of goodies, including bakeware.

  4. Replies
    1. How's it feel to be getting back to some of your lighter posts? I was able to catchup some at your place today.

  5. We don't have Wegmans down here

  6. I love Wegman's. I also love pie, but suck at making my own crust.

  7. Sounds like a top to 'bottom' perfect day :)

    And $1.72 each for those baking dishes? Awesomely perfect day!

  8. I heard there was a spicy scandal at BRITISH BAKE OF this week when some, excuse my French, BIATCH took some guys icecream out of the fridge to sabotage him and he got kicked out because of the melted icecream, and now they made her leave the show too under an excuse that she is ill, yeah, mentally most probably :)