10 October 2013

Burnt Rubber and Smoke Can't be Good

I broke the washer.  Saw smoke.  Shut everything down.  No fires.  Opened all the windows and doors.  House stinky. 

On the bright side, the pups and house are safe and now that I'm less stuffy, I'm free to enjoy the smell of freshly burnt rubber.  Silver lining, that's what that is.

Here's more good news, I put my hands on the back of my neck and there's ZERO swelling.  It's all neck.  No puff.

Tim's boss said she'd put in a call for me for a new job, don't want to say too much right now, but it would get me away from the long hours hunched over a prep table.

I'm ready.  Really, really ready.


  1. Now that's looking on the bright side! Glad it didn't catch fire and you and the pups are safe.
    Praying there is good news from Tim's boss for you.
    And glad you are feeling better!

    1. Thanks bunches. I won't know anything
      for a bit but at least now I'm ready to
      honestly take that step of letting go and
      moving on. All good things.

      Have an oogie boogie weekend.

  2. Glad you didn't have to call the fire dept!

    1. Glad I didn't take that nap, like I
      had planned on when I put the
      clothes in for a wash.

  3. Oh, thank goodness nothing serious happened and you didn't have to call the fire department. Hmmm...although calling them just for assurance wouldn't be so bad. Firemen...in their fireman suits...mmm... (wink, wink) :)

    1. Yes, it's a good day.

      I laughed at your Fireman comment,
      because I use to be into them. But
      that was BEFORE Wolverine.

  4. Your washer and our oven.

    Funny our oven tends to smell of burnt rubber when it's working fine ;-)

    Had a good look at Tim's Manors and they are great, really looking forward to including as much as I can in future games


    1. Your oven, yikes. Hope it
      doesn't end up being to pricey.

      Glad you're enjoying Tim's Manor.
      He has a lot of fun putting them
      together. I'm real proud of him.

  5. I hope all works out with what Tim's boss is looking into...

  6. Your silver lining made me laugh! Glad you're feeling better. Sorry your washer isn't.

    1. Truth be told, it made me
      laugh when I wrote it.


  7. Glad your neck is better. Toes crossed on the new job.

  8. Sorry about the washer. Glad you are safe. We lost the toaster last night... giving me the excuse to replace it with a four slot. I hope you can repair your washer cheaply. And good luck with job prospects! :)

    1. Might just be a belt, that
      would be wonderful.

      Four slot, we have one that
      fits my homemade bagels
      and I love it. Even has a
      defrost mode. Totally worth
      the fourty or fifty bucks.

      Thanks, we'll see about the
      job, but either way, I'm ready
      to move on and not hurt.

    2. I hope it is just the belt.

      Wow, based on the description of your toaster, I'm definitely getting a four slot! :)

      Hoping you can move to a new job and not hurt as soon as possible.

    3. There's even a setting for the
      bagel so the seasoning part,
      the top, doesn't get burnt, but
      the bread part gets toasted.

      So worth it.

      Thank you. I was just showing
      Tim my neck and it's amazing
      how it's all neck and zero puff.

      PS: Supper tonight sucked. I
      mixed my seasonings because
      I forgot I was going one way,
      and then I went another. Icky.

    4. Wow, I never knew there were so many cool options for toasters. Definitely going to find an awesome one.

      Sorry supper didn't work out. :(

    5. Just checked, ours is a GE. I want
      to say fourty of fifty bucks and
      we've had it for a long time now.

    6. Cool! Thanks for letting me know. I have been looking at loads of them online and can't believe all the options. I'm excited.

  9. sorry about the dishwasher! But yay for no swelling!

  10. Fingers crossed, both on employment front and washer-replacement front. (Hopefully you can find a coupon that will cover the washer. I'll keep my eyes open for you!) Glad for your safety and your health too!

    1. A coupon for the washer would
      be wonderful. That's for sure.

  11. Glad you caught that before it became a fire, that would have been a disaster.

    Fingers crossed on the job front!

    1. I almost took a nap in the other
      room. That would have sucked.
      I'm very glad as to how it worked
      out. Everyone safe and sound.

  12. Glad you're feeling better and good luck with the new job. They're difficult to come by. My dryer didn't create any odd odors yesterday, it just clicked, clicked, worn out timer switch, $200 or get a new one. Sigh...

  13. Fingers X'd for you on new job.

    My belt on my dryer broke...kind of like that.

    1. Hope you got it all fixed now
      and that it is working again.

      I miss washing clothes. Never
      thought I'd say that.

  14. My washing machine blew up, and now my dryer has packed a sad. Very unhappy to see him go as I have had him for ... OMG 25years!! I suddenly feel old! hehe

    1. That's about how old these are.
      Back when things were built
      to last. Not so much today.