06 February 2013

Today's Bake

This morning I made an Egg, Mushroom & Colby Bake.  My gosh it was so good.  This is the first time I ever baked eggs in the oven and I can tell you, I'll be doing it a lot more.

This was super easy.

First, I diced baby bella mushrooms and seasoned with Hungarian sweet paprika, Kosher salt and organic cayenne, and baked them.  Then I sprayed a personal size dish, beat two eggs, added Colby cheese, along with the mushrooms.

Bake for about 12 minutes and bam, it was done.

Hard to tell from this, but it was super fluffy and loaded with flavor.   I can't wait to play with other combinations.

Baked eggs.  Who knew?

PS: When pre-baked the bellas, I used a wee bit of
butter and olive oil (non-virgin).


  1. Who knew?
    Is the header recent? Because if you have snow right now, I'm jealous.

  2. Alex: Yes, we have snow. That's very recent. Miss Wiggy looks very wolf-like to me, in that picture.

    I'm tellin' ya, I didn't know baked eggs could be so good. And here I was just being lazy with my bake. Turned out to be wonderful.

    Who knew?

  3. It's nice when a recipe turns out better than you expected. Which is why I don't like to cook, because that NEVER happens to me!! I'm lucky not to poison people. Oh wait, I did - ME! :)

  4. Love the new header! Your doggies are so absolutely cute and photogenic. We don't have snow but I hear we're getting some...

  5. Stacy: I've had food poisoning one time for serious and it was terrible.

    But yes, it is nice when things turn out well. Now the trick will be for me to pull it off twice. And then a third time. That's when I know something really works.

    mshatch: Some of it melted today and then light snow again. Was bright and pretty. Thanks about the header. I love your new one as well.

  6. Those hearts on your blog? They are mine--I give my heart to any egg and cheesy thing (of course, that is also literal as well..."Gimme the eggs and cheese and an angioplasty on the side.")

  7. I did wonder what Colby was? Then read it was cheese!!! looks nice though.

  8. oh, I baked the very same thing today for lunch, but instead of cheese I used shrooms and macaroni....

  9. Baking breakfast is wonderful. I love baked oatmeal! I've not baked scrambled eggs - but I will try it.

  10. Ken: Hold the angioplasty.

    Ray: No Colby where you are?

    DEZMOND: Great cooks think alike, as only this morning I made organic brown pasta, eggs, shrooms, and horseradish cheese, all in a single serving bake bowl.

    Are you a vegan?

    Southpaw: I am having fun with combinations. Doing a potato scramble bake, as well.

    Never tried baked oatmeal. Is that with Irish Oats?

    Jen: It tasted way better than it looked.

  11. One word: gimme!

    Looks delicious. :)

  12. Dana: Loved the ugly cute bear on your blog today. Fun stuff.

  13. I've never thought of baking eggs either - looks absolutely delish! Will definitely give that a try ;)

  14. Ooh, this sounds good. I want to do something like this at Easter...which is just around the corner.

  15. That sounds absolutely to die for!