11 February 2013

Fighting Back

Right before the weekend I had a painful set back.  I moved the covers to shooting pain in both my right shoulder and center of my chest.  I felt like a character in Once, and the Evil Queen was squeezing my heart.

Trip to my doctor told us I have edema (inflammation).  Trip to my next doctor, will tell us how much and why.

So I had myself a good cry and then decided I would do what I could on my end, and that's fight back with food.

Before I started eating meats and cheeses, I was a whole foods cook.  I ate from my garden and I didn't eat anything refined or processed.  I even made my own corn chips.

I had more energy, my scoliosis didn't hurt, my eyes were brighter, I never ate in the car, and my hands didn't swell.

Now I want all that back.

Which is good, because I've got a good bit of fight in me yet, and I'm ready to do the work to get there.

Meanwhile, dig my Bean Curd Bake, loaded with veggies.

You can see that I baked this sucker in a glass pie dish.  The veg bakes great and the pie dish is super easy to clean.

Two very good things.  That's all from me.  Boogie boogie.


Addendum: I'm adding this after the written post.

I never stopped being a whole foods, scratch cook.  I love cooking with whole foods.   BUT ... what I didn't always do was eat fast foods and processed snacks.

So what I want back is the absence of that crap.  My bad for not explaining myself correctly in the original post. 

Thanks for reading and again, boogie boogie.

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  1. oh, sorry to hear about the edema :(

    I almost never eat anything refined or processed. I cook everything from fresh veggies and almost never eat or drink industrially made products.
    And I grew up on a farm and for the first 20 years ate only what we produced at the farm :) That means me was a fat little walrus since my mother cooked only on pork fat and we never had vegetable oil in the house :(

  2. Then time to get back to that gardening! God only knows what they put in food these days. Maybe that's why so many people are just a little bit nuts.

  3. DEZMOND: Was it hard eating those animals? No veggies on your farm? Not a one?

    Alex: Thankfully, I never ate that much crap, just enough though to get me back on track.

  4. I hope the inflammation settles down right away. That pain would scare the bejesus right out of me.

  5. Again: karma, prayers, and good thoughts headed your way. Take care of yourself! (If for no other reason than not setting Tim loose on the world!) :D

  6. Boric: Please, the world can't handle him.

    Thanks :-)

  7. Sounds a bit serious. Hope you find out some good news.

  8. Ouch! Hope you can find something that helps the inflammation.
    Eating better certainly does wonders for the body. Healthy diet and exercise seems to help so much. Not that I know from experience... (okay, I do exercise, but I eat like a teenage boys with cheeseburgers and pizza!)

  9. Take care and I hope the whole foods does the trick. Sometimes when your protecting one injury you can trigger something else.


  10. I hope the swelling goes down quickly and all it okay. I'm drooling over that pic!

  11. Drink lots of green vege juices, Whisk. Have you got a juicer? And eat salads. Get rid of the acid in your body. Sending super hugs to you.XX

  12. So sorry to hear about your setback. Hope you get all healed up soon! At least cyber hugs don't hurt, so here's one for you!!

  13. I think that's a smart move on your part. Sorry you had a set back :( but I hope you are feeling good again soon :)

  14. Sorry to hear about the setback.

    It's really interesting that you're going back to whole foods. Mrs. B and I just started on that about a month ago (we were already vegetarian, now it's vegan wholefoods only).

    It's amazing how much more energy that kind of healthy diet gives you.

    And the bean curd bake -- looks delicious!

  15. I ate mostly veggies, but they were prepared on pork fat :( I was never much of a meat eater even before I became a vegetarian.
    We had tones of veggies and I loved the harvest of potatoes, tomatoes....

  16. I always find it interesting how we (Human Beings that is) can be made up of all the same stuff and still have such varied specifics to our health and well being.

    I can, almost literally, eat anything except eggs. That is, I can eat things made with eggs but if I have scrambled eggs or a fried egg I am going to regret it.

    Whatever it takes for you to feel like the real and right you is what you should be doing. I hope you feel better soon.

    Many Hugs!

  17. Sorry to hear about the medical issues! I hope it's resolved and behind you soon.

  18. Thanks Guys: I won't know much more until we run some tests and all that fun stuff.

    But we will deal with it.

    Meanwhile, I've stopped eating the high-salt high-fat take out. Which, I never ate THIS much of, until I started at the pizza shoppe.

    Thanks for all the thoughtful comments :-)

  19. Sorry to hear about the set back. I think it is great that you are cutting the crap out of your diet. We have been eating home cooked meals for the past 6 weeks and I think I have more energy and we are definitely saving money by not buying fast food. I hope this change helps!!

  20. Sorry about the inflammation! My hubby is in the process of cutting most processed food out of his diet. He's going a little crazy on the NO-carbs thing if you ask me--he didn't want to have a corn tortilla with tacos the other night because it had carbs and he's doing this Paleo-diet thing and the cavemen didn't have tortillas...yadda, yadda, yadda, pass me the tortillas hubby.

  21. Many healing vibes headed your way, Whisk. I'll be thinking of you as you head out for your testing. I love your positive attitude, it will help you tremendously!

  22. Dang. Edema and pain are not good things. Take it easy, girl, and get better soon!

  23. I hope you're feeling better at the moment....