04 February 2013

1 Year of Couponing

One year ago today, I did my first coupon run.  Since then we saved a ton, but even better, I no longer stress shop.

I went from someone who stress ingredient shopped, to owning a nice little stockpile of freebies and low-priced goodies.  Because of that stockpile, I'm able to take time off to heal my spine.  Which is good, because today the doctor said he wants me to take at least another eight days.

I think if I wasn't couponing, I would have went stress shopping right after he told me that.  But thankfully, I no longer consider ingredient shopping as a way to feel better.  Instead I puzzle out my trips, and save as much as possible.

I love that.

Although last night I had a nightmare that I was leaving Wegmans.  When I looked at my receipt it read 0% Savings.



  1. Yay, couponing! The doctor telling you to take another eight days off--not so good. :( Hope you feel better soon!

    And if it helps, my subconscious must be in league with yours. Last night, mine was composing Super Bowl ads.

  2. Suzan: It's funny how the brain works while sleeping.

  3. Thanks to you, I have some extra savings at the bottom of my receipt too!

    Happy couponing! Oh and I love the hearts!!

  4. You have inspired me to start using coupons. Maybe I will buy Bose speakers with my savings.

  5. I've never asked if the coupons are issued only for cheaper things, like goodies under 10 dollars, or for more expensive items too?

  6. i need to start, we have become broke... we may eat the dog.


  7. that would put a realistic spin on the "hot dog", Jeremy :P

  8. Rest for 8 days? Whatever will you do? Hmmm...maybe read?

    I hope you get to feeling better soon. And know that today I went shopping and saved over $20. I won't say how much I spent, though!

    I love your hearts, by the way. How do you get blogger to do that?

  9. You are the coupon master! I've never seen anyone else get as much free (or have the store pay HER) as you do. Well done!

  10. Elsie: Thank you for the kind words. Happy you are saving.

    Ken: I am setting up that coupon blog after you guys game tonight. Will email you when I have it setup.

    And yes, you too shall soon enjoy the wonder that is Bose.

    DEZMOND: Coupons are for nearly each thing. From crapper paper to high-end laundry soap.

    Though sometimes there are rules on a particular coupon. Only good on a certain size or higher. Not good on travel size. Stuff like that.

    Jeremy: Save the pups, eat the cat.

    DEZMOND: Ha :-)

    Stacy: I just emailed you the link where I got the hearts, but for anyone else that might want hearts, here's where I got them.


    PS: I laughed out loud at your not saying how much you spent.

    PPS: I have books. I should read them. You are most correct.

    Alex: I'm small potatoes compared to some of the big girls. But that's okay. It's still a lot of fun.

  11. A whole year is a pretty cool milestone. I'll bet if you counted up all the money you've saved it'd be a pretty impressive number. Go Whisk!

  12. Listen to your doctor! I've been there! And congrats on your anniversary :)

  13. Hope those eight days do the trick. Take it easy.

  14. A worse nightmare is where you look at the receipt and find you weren't even shopping at Wegman's.

  15. A whole year?? Wow! Well done.
    I hope you find something fun to do in those eight days. Take care.

  16. Lovely happy blog ,happy to join it.

  17. 0% Savings! Did your eyes pop out! How did that happen.

  18. Bard: It's hard for me to believe the difference. Even after one year.

    mshatch: I will listen for sure.

    Susan: That's be nice.

    Spawn: Wegmans is pretty cool.

    Ken: Watch the post, you may be getting those Bose sooner than you thought.

    Niki: Went so fast. A bit on the dull side all this rest. Can't really dig into any house projects.

    Mary: Thank you and welcome.

    Southpaw: They in fact did pop out. What a bad dream.

  19. I think of you every time I use a coupon :o) My mom was a coupon junkie, but I only get to use them on a very limited basis. Hope you are healing!

  20. Daisey: Coupon Junkie. That's a term I honestly haven't heard yet, but I like it.

    William: Half the cat. Freeze the rest.