17 December 2012

Puppies Almost FOR SALE

I don't have a blog today, but wanted to say howdy just the same.

Working the Cinderella shift tonight which means I've got plenty of time to clip coupons this morning.  Or maybe I'll just snuggle on the couch for a quick little nappy nap, since the pups were awake most of the night.

They do that again tonight and tomorrow morning, I offer them to the first bidder.

That's all from me.  Cheers and boogie boogie.


  1. Alex: Hahaha. They might be available.

  2. At least they haven't eaten the Christmas tree.

    *looks at mauled tree, looks at smug cats.*

  3. Howdy back atcha! Hope you get some rest.

  4. can I have a kitten with my puppy? Then they could be friends :)

  5. Stacy: Right now the nappy nap is in the lead, over the coupon clipping.

    mshatch: I'm pretty sure Bug would eat the kitten as a snack.

    That's not good.

  6. Aw, you know you don't mean it. The pups will grow out of it, and hey! unlike human babies, they'll never ask for money or bug you for the keys to your car.

  7. Funny...as I type this my puppy is barking at the roofing guys behind us and keeping me awake. I don't completely blame him, as I am online, but I feel your pain.

  8. LOL on the puppies.

    I hardly slept last night. I could definitely use a nap too!

  9. My dog was going crazy this morning. Something in the tree in the backyard. Or...maybe it's something in the air.

  10. Susan: You are right. I don't mean it. They are mostly wonderful. And I didn't think about the money part.

    Melanie: They are something these pups. Great ears and big mouths. But wonderful just the same.

    Even if I'm pooped.

    Jennifer: I never took naps before I met my husband. Boy, was I missing out. Nothing like a good nappy nap.

    Kim: Loved that Christmas hat you made. Very fun. And I think you're right. Something in the air, for sure.

  11. The puppies will give you the sad eyes stare, and you'll just melt.