17 December 2012

Kicked the Pumpkin

I'm off to my Cinderella shift and thankfully I'm doing better. 

My goal for the last week and a half has been to go in, get my job done, and not take any of it home with me.  As in, don't feel like this is the only thing I'll be doing for the rest of my life - making subs and topping par-baked pizzas, and not baking/writing food.

It's not that I'm not thankful for the full-time hours, it's just that I know I have more talent than just doing that forever.

And, so far so good, because I'm looking into baking classes, writing more food at home and as a bonus, getting most of my baked good ingredients for stock-up prices.

As in low, low, low.  I love that.

Meanwhile, it's time for me put on my Spider-Man red shirt and get to work.  It's a fun little thing, to be able to wear super hero red shirts.  Then tomorrow night, I get to be home in time to have supper with Poopyhead.

I love that, as well.

PS: Anyone looking for a place to get coupons, click printable coupons.  To me, it's a better page because it still retains the easy to use page numbers and zip code change.

PPS: I don't recommend clicking the double underlined stuff. 


  1. That's how I got through the jobs I didn't like. Show up and forget about it. It was a paycheck to help support the stuff I wanted to do. Of course, I lost that paycheck, but my writing will eventually bring in something! Gotta think positive.

  2. Hope you get to take the baking classes!

  3. Baking classes sound like fun. I love baking but with my kids mostly at college, I don't do much of it lately.

  4. Stacy: I have no doubts that your writing will bring you a pay check.

    Alex: Me too :-)

    Susan: How come not as much now that the kiddos are gone?

  5. Hope the shift went well. Just keep on going and enjoy the fun parts. Pass on my condolences to your hubby, been a tough couple of weeks for us and I don't think it gets better this week :-(


  6. Ian: You are right. Gotta focus on the fun parts.

    I will let Hubby know. It's so weird to me how bad things are going this season for them.

  7. Supper with anyone nicknamed "Poopyhead" just HAS to be enjoyable.


    Greetings from Minneapolis!


  8. Have fun with the baking classes - I'm sure you'll be the star pupil!

  9. I know the feeling a doing a job for which you're totally over qualified. I hope you have fun with those baking classes!


  10. Pearl: That's what I sometimes call my husband.

    Greetings to you as well, and thanks for dropping by.

    Susan: Thanks & Merry Christmas.

    Jai: I have to find classes first, but then I'm sure to have fun time of it.

    Cheers & Boogie Boogie.