21 November 2012

No Ughs for Me

My TIMBITS experiment failed but instead, we got these groovy little chocolate cookies.  I've since tested them three times, with consistent results.  It's not what I planned to bake, but that's okay.  I love when mistakes like this happen.   I call them, Movie Night Cookies and I will include them in my collection.

I took pictures of the new cookies but my food close-up skills with my new Nikon d5100 sucks monkey balls.

Yesterday I bought York Peppermint Patties to use in baking.  Tim loves Yorks and I love him, so Yorks it is.  Then I got Andes Candies.  I've never baked with Yorks or Andes, but I'm excited to experiment.

Meanwhile, tonight's another Cinderella shift.  I'd say ugh, but I am feeling better about them, so no ughs for me.

Catch you Boogerbutts next time.  Boogie, boogie.


  1. I love it when mistakes turn out wonderful. Have fun baking with Yorks. I love those too. Happy Wednesday!

  2. RaShelle: I know right? It's the best kind of mistakes. And now I have more ideas to grow from just this one.

    Love that.

    Happy Wednesday to you :-)

  3. At least it was a kitchen accident you could eat!

  4. My husband loves York peppermint patties, too! However, he's limited to just two when we leave Bob Evans restaurant (since they sell them individually at the check out counter).

    Hope your shift goes fast!!

  5. Stacy: Those little candies are high. I got one 6 pack I think for a buck at the one market, where the second market wanted 80 cents more for the same size pack.

    My word.

    I just pulled the Andes one out of the oven, since I had more of those candies and only a one-shot deal with the Yorks.

    They are setting up now.

    PS: I've never eaten at Bob Evans. What do you guys like there? I tried Max&Ermas last weekend. Got a burger.

  6. Oooo, Andes in chocolate cookie dough is da bomb! Let me know your secret of how you keep the filling of York's from sticking to the pan. I've tried Pam, Crisco, butter, oil...

    Stacy, you're making me homesick! Way back when, my sister and I would pick up Grandma on Black Friday. We'd get all our shopping done, then have breakfast at Bob's. Their cornmeal mush is to die for!

  7. Suzan: I use baking paper, no spray and so far, so good. But that was only with the Andes and regular chocolate. I'll let you know how the Yorks, go.

    Cornmeal mush? That sounds pretty darn neat. A friend told me about stuffing muffins today. Also sound good.

    Time to put that red shirt on and get to my Cinderella shift. I think I'll find a bumper sticker that reads: I'd Rather be Baking

    Cheers Suzan, and boogie boogie.

  8. we do love us some baking! I actually make cakes and tortes for money in my free time :) Stress relieving and money bringing :)

  9. We usually go for breakfast at Bob Evans (their biscuits and gravy are pretty good), but I do love their chicken pot pies.

  10. DEZMOND: Baking for money in your free time, now that's good stuff. Very cool.

    Stacy: Both sound fantastic.

  11. Movie Night Cookies sound yum. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  12. I had a pumpkin pie FAIL over the holiday but I learned a couple things. Pumpkin pie doesn't ever have a top crust ;D

    Yeah, I know that was a stupid mistake but it sure was pretty ;D

  13. I was happy to see you popped by my blog! I visited your site and, as always, became hungry:). Those choco chip peanut butter scones look wonderful. BTW, my son wants me to make some scones. He found a recipe in a school cookbook, so I guess I'll experiment with that soon.

    I've never thought about using York peppermint patties or Andes Candies in cooking, but the thought is making my mouth water;).

    Hope all is going well on the new job; hope you can fit more cooking into it at some time!

  14. I tend to come away from your blog feeling hungry, of course...

  15. It was worth trying anyway, and that end result doesn't sound too bad at all. For movie nights it's popcorn these days, but it has to be good corn. I read somewhere popcorn is really popular now too, outside the cinema I mean. That's funny and could be a sign of a shift in tastes back towards a simpler wholesomeness, because it's healthy stuff, without the sugar or too much salt.

  16. Cooking with Yorks! That should be fun...a minty chocolaty center of something? Chopping 'em up as pieces? The options are endless. Have fun!