17 November 2012

Guess What?

It's 3PM Saturday afternoon, I'm done with work and I don't have to be back again until 4PM on Monday afternoon.

And dig this, I get to spend most of that time with Tim. 

Life is good.


  1. Good for you Whisk!!!
    Well its 9:40 here in the UK and I'm knackered, I've had a busy days wargaming with Fran and the other Rejects and I've gotta get up at 4:10 in the morning to go to work! So I'm off to bed!

  2. Enjoy yourself! And enjoy it together.

  3. Ray: Knackered. That's a good word. But 4:10 in the morning to go to work? Yikes. Hope your shift goes fast. Glad you had fun with Fran and the Rejects.

    Alex: Will do. Will do, indeed.

  4. oh good for you! Enjoy very minute :)

  5. have a nice day tomorrow!!xo
    your dog is beautiful!

  6. Enjoy your time! Hope you get to bake something yummy!

  7. Hope your enjoying your weekend, near lunch here in the UK on Sunday, but we are goin out later with the kids so a fun time for sure


  8. Stacy: We had a nice day so far. Hit a new place to eat, then Barnes, followed by a quick trip to Wegmans.

    And tomorrow, we don't have to wake up at particular time.

    I love that.

    mshatch: I hear you'll have no snow for Thanksgiving. Woohoo.

    Gloria: Thank you.

    Daisey: Have been this week, posted about the scones. They were fun to make.

    Ian: A day out sounds fantastic. Hope you all have a great one.

    Carol: Thanks.

  9. I was going to say "Chicken Butt", of course. I'm gearing up for Thanksgiving with a bunch of vegetarians, which is vexing me a bit. Must find small game birds.


  10. Spawn: Vegheads? I use to be one of those for most of my life. I say give those vegheads some bacon and bring them over to the dark side.

  11. Love the dancing mummy gif!! Enjoy your time off with your husband!

  12. Nothing like a day off to bring on the happy dance!

  13. Anne: Hope your Sunday was groovy.

    Karen: You said it.