13 August 2012

I Could Live at Wegmans

I love Wegmans.  So many fun organic ingredients and a huge cafe. 

Yesterday Tim wrote while I scored nearly 38 bucks worth of freebies, along with the best organic spinach (not free), and a groovy new Wegmans travel mug.

Loved having the same day off.

Then I opened the pizza shoppe today and it was a kick butt good day.  When I open I get to make calzones, specialty pies, bread, pizza balls and lots and lots of regular pizzas.

I love opening.  So much fun.
And, it's getting easier to enjoy (still don't love it), working nights, now that I'm busy creating three formulas for the baking contest.  It's a lot of fun to work on them.

That's about all from here.  We're about to eat and then Tim games and I'm fixin' to coupon from the couch.  I got me eight newspapers worth of sales.  Woohoo.

Hope you all had a good Monday.  Cheers and boogie boogie.


  1. Glad you scored big at Wegmans. I'd rather work the morning shift as well.

  2. Working the morning shift trumps evenings any day! Have fun couponing!

  3. yeah, I'm not a fan of working nights either even tho the two I work are easy, just til 7pm. But it sounds like you're enjoying it and if you can enjoy your work then I envy you big time!

    oh, and just for the record, I like banana muffins, in fact, there aren't too many muffins I'd turn down - esp. if they were made by you!

  4. Hope you're having a good time. It's been pouring buckets here. Quite a lot of flooding and the ewes are lambing.
    I've started knitting again. Have made four chunky wool scarfs with 12mm bamboo needles. It's like knitting with a couple of fence posts!

  5. I have to ask, for the uninitiated, can you point us to a good couponing web-site? I did look around your site before I finally broke down and asked, honest.

  6. Nice work! That's gotta feel so rewarding.

  7. What's calzones, I've heard of it but haven't a clue what it is?

  8. Nothing like a good calzone Ray, you eijit!

  9. I love calzone, hadit first in the Med (never tasted better).

    I used to work permament nights when I was a nurse, 9pm to 9am thepositive side was no visitors and worked 8 days on 6 off so almost a holiday every two weeks!!


  10. Alex: Mornings are so great.

    Anita: Thanks. Have you started couponing yet? Great way to save some green.

    Susan: Do you have a Whole Foods?

    mshatch: You get the best comment award. Thank you for such nice words.

    Two nights closing at 7pm aren't bad. But yeah, earlier is nicer. Agreed.

    Niki: Buckets? Holy cow. Sorry to hear about the flooding.

    I laughed at the bamboo needles.

    Chris: I for sure will. As of last Friday I started a new series on my blog about couponing. Going to do it for a few weeks, see how it goes, and I'll be sure to add a good handful of links to this Friday's post.

    Thanks for the question. If you need any help getting started you can drop me an email and/or ask questions.

    Couponing is SO MUCH FUN.

    Hanny: It feels amazing.

    Ray: Ours has ricotta cheese, provolone, sausage, pepperoni and tomato sauce -- all wrapped in what could look like a folded pizza.

    Mine at home are a little different, as I am not a big sausage fan. And I use a smoked mozzarella.

    Lurker: Can't believe he never had one. They can be nummy.

    Ian: What is the Med?

    Ouch on the 9pm to 9am. You won't hear me complain anymore. Though I do like the 8 days on and 6 off. That sounds very cool.

    Bard: Hello good Sir. Stromboli is good too. Now I'm going to have to make some and post them.

    Cheers and boogie boogie.

  11. The very mention of pizza or calzones gets me ravenously hungry....