20 January 2012

I Leveled Up

Meanwhile on Paradise Island ...

It's been a good week learning hot side.  My trainer is amazing.  Flat out fantastic.  I might not be able to afford culinary school, but that doesn't matter right now because I'm learning a ton.

And you know what else? 

I no longer feel like second string prep/salad bar girl.  I've been solely prep for awhile now and with my new training, I feel like a full fledged prep cook, who loves her team.

Tim calls us the ground pounders of the kitchen.  And we are.  We kick butt as a prep team and to celebrate leveling up, I bought myself four new pair of work pants.

Yeppers.  That's a total of fourty bucks, well spent.


  1. Flea: It's been a good week. Thanks for reading this post. I feel like all I do is talk about work but right now, that's what's going on. So ...

    At any rate, I really enjoyed that collection of horror clips you posted. That was well edited. Even the music worked.

    Best get to my chores and make supper.

    Cheers and Boogie Boogie.

  2. Niki: I'm not sure. I just put some onions on for an onion soup starter, but for our main ...?

    Not sure.

    Maybe leftover cheesey potatoes with maple brown sugar ham.

    Or ... save the soup for tomorrow and just make a big old breakfast for supper.

    How about you?

    Alex: Thanks bunches. You getting excited about April's A to Z? You and Niki both kicked butt with that challenge, last year.

  3. Congratulations my Queen you deserve this, lovely new blog header by the way.....

  4. I'm thinking about morning tea at the mo. Maybe a gingernut with green tea. BUT! Tonight we're going to a 60th birthday party and they've hired a caterer!!!! mmmmm The food will be the best bit I'm sure. :D

  5. Lurk: Thank you, kind Sir.

    Niki: I love ginger tea, but never had gingernut tea.

    What is gingernut?

    A caterer? Very cool. I look forward to hearing about your meal. Bet it will be yummy.

  6. Maple brown sugar ham, hmmm?

    Now I'm hungry!

  7. HOORAY!!!!
    I just hope that (a) your Hit Points increase commensurate with your leveling and (b) that you do not NEED said Hit Points!

  8. A gingernut is a rock hard biscuit that you dunk in your cuppa. :)

  9. Awesome -- leveling up is the best, both in-game and in real life!

    (In fact, in real life is probably better, so extra kudos for that!)

    Have a great weekend!

    (We're supposed to get freezing rain tonight, so it'll be a nice quiet weekend at home for Mrs. B and me).

  10. William: And it's so easy to make.

    Boric G: Hahaha. Thanks for the laugh.

    Niki: Ohhh. That does sound good.

    Eric: Thanks bunches.

    Bard: That sounds like a good weekend.

    You going to watch any movies or DVDs?

    We just finished the end of season one of the original (UK), being human. Loved it. But I'm not interested in Sci-Fi's copy cat version.

    Not sure if we'll crack open season two or not. We're also making our way back through all the Harry Potters. This time on BluRay.

  11. Grats! Pump your trainer for information. I also recommend writing stuff down if you have a chance. It would suck if a bunch of people got sick and you're the only hot prep person available, and you forget something.

  12. Dan: It's not a class-like environment where note taking is possible. It's a real kitchen and it's my job to memorize the steps and formulas.

    That being said, we have all our recipes stored in a notebook, if needed.

    Matt: Thanks and Happy Map Drawing, to you.

    Paladin: Hey you. Thanks for the drop in. Hope winter is being kind to you up there.

  13. Do you have to go to culinary school to become a chef or is it possible to learn your way up the ranks while working?

  14. Anne: Not all chefs have trained in a culinary school. Which is nice.

    But I'd like to go, just to learn more.

  15. Hope wee puppy is all better.

    Have you seen the movie Julie & Julia? It was on TV here last week. I loved Meryl Streep as Julia Childs.

  16. Honey, you will never be second-string anything! The new pair of work pants though is frosting on the week.

  17. Niki: She is doing much better. Thank you. And that movie? I love it. Great stuff.

    Suzan: I appreciate your comment but I really was second string until things got cleared up and now I'm only a prep cook.

    It's good to level up.

  18. Congratulations on moving on up! 8-)