29 December 2011


Dig my new toy, his name is Igor and he is a Christmas gift from Tim.  Igor arrived this afternoon and Wiggy and Bug are scared of him.  Hope it stays that way, because Bug killed my old Dyson.  He was seven and his name was Fred.

And while I meant to show you the real Igor, his belly is full and no one needs to see that.  So I put the box on the table and when I pulled up the photos, there was my new apron.

Bonus XP for me.

Meanwhile, it's my last day of vacation and I'm about to vacuum the crap out of the bedroom, hallway and ceiling.

I love this gift.


  1. So jealous!! Also, love the apron! Enjoy your last day of vacay!

  2. haha oh he is gorgeous. I love hoovering. It is very relaxing. Actually I am about to do the whole house. I've just finished my cuppa and facebook games and it's hosing down outside, so a good day to clean. :)

  3. I got a vacuum, too, for Christmas! My son and I were so excited we had to vacuum immediately; he did down, I did up :)

    love the apron.

  4. Igor looks mean. A good hoover makes a big difference, and generally with the right tools even the least fun tasks can be a pleasure. He's got me wanting to go clean...

  5. Jen: Thanks & Happy 2012.

    Niki: Good day to clean, indeed. Enjoy your hoovering. I finished the bedroom and hall. Looks great.

    mshatch: What did you name yours?

    Porky: He does look mean, I agree. If Baby Bug tries to mess with this one, I think she'll find herself in some trouble.

  6. Don't suck up Wiggy and Bug by accident!

  7. And a 5 year warranty no less!

    Enjoy your last hours of holiday and a squeaky clean house too!

  8. See now I really don't get it...I heard getting a women a vacuum as a gift is certain death for the man...I will never figure this out! Love the apron BTW.

  9. Alex: If Bug kills this Dyson, it's directly back to the pound - do not pass go.

    bliss: Our other one lasted 7 until Bug got a hold of it. But really, I was ready to upgrade. So MUCH fun.

    Happy 2012 :-)

    Chuck: Thanks for the drop-in. I think with vacuums, it just depends on the chick. I've always loved house kind of gifts, where other chicks wants diamonds.

    Happy 2012 & Happy Eating.

  10. I want a Dyson! As soon as I get two more kids through college, I'm getting one.

  11. Susan: Here's hoping you get one sooner than that. We bought our second one for 220 bucks cheaper and when the time comes, I'll buy a third Dyson. They're THAT good.

  12. Neat! It looks like a Star Wars Droid of some kind or one of the robots from WALL*E. Cool.

    New pics of the pups please!

    Happy everything HW and much of it!

  13. My wife has been wanting a dyson forever, but man, they are insanely expensive!

  14. I think if I bought my Mrs a hoover for Christmas, I'd be cooking my own dinner for quite some time!
    Why Igor?

  15. Alien: I had one of Bug that I found, so cute and little. Thanks for asking. And yeah, it does look like a robot. Only the best robot, ever.

    matt: They are but we got ours for 220 buck cheaper than if we bought it at the store. And my last one was 400 and lasted 7 years, until Bug killed him.

    Ray: I love the name Igor. I don't know why, but when we got the Dyson, Igor was the first name that came to me.