28 December 2011

Candy Cane Dust

I had leftover candy canes from our tiny tree so you know what I did? I turned them into candy cane dust.  Not all of them, just some.  The rest I crumbled in the food processor, and then mixed with melted Giredelli milk chocolate.

And tad-do, a yummy dessert.

Only they're almost all gobbled up because we keep going to the freezer and taking out a few here and there.

Num, num, num.

To Make:

1) Crumble candy canes in a food processor. 
2) Set aside a bit of the candy cane dust. 
3) Melt the chocolate over simmering water.
4) When chocolate is half melted, remove from heat.
5) Mix with spoon and allow the rest to melt.
6) Mix in crushed candy cane and coat with chocolate.
7) Spread mixture on baking paper covered sheet/plate.
8) Sprinkle with lots of candy cane dust.
9) When done cooling (fridge or freezer), snap into bits.

Storage: We like ours from the freezer.  So yummy.


  1. That looks really, really good!

  2. Dan: Thanks, Dan. It was hard to take photos, because I kept eating them.

  3. I solved not having left over candy canes. I didn't buy any! But those look good. It's probably best I don't make them. Then I'd eat them. And I don't NEED them.

    Hey - only 5 more posts for your goal.

    You can do it, you can do it, you can, you can!

  4. Ok, THIS we are making this. As luck would have it, we had a chocolate fountain for my daughter's Christmas get together and we happen to have a tub of left over Giredelli chocolate! We plan to pull those canes off the tree this weekend and my youngest and I will make this. Great idea! Thanks!

  5. Even though I have eaten nothing but treats all week, I need to make those as soon as possible! :)

  6. Good idea. We always have a bunch left over.

  7. Stacy: Thanks for remembering. I'm having a fun go of it. Cheers & Happy 2012.

    matt: I am glad because I thought of you when I posted these. Still not great at listing all the steps but it's good practice. Thanks for nudging me. Much appreciated.

    Love to hear how they come out.

    PS: They are better the next day and stored in the freezer. Something magical happens overnight. Nummy stuff.

    Jen: Nice to see you blogging again.

    Alex: Hello Sir. How's Skyrim going?

  8. That looks awesome. I'm going to eat myself sick!

  9. christian: They were so yummy. Maybe the peppermint candy canes will prevent your belly from hurting. It did ours.

  10. Sounds very interesting, only problem is the kids have ate all of ours!!

  11. Can I be the odd man out here and admit I'm not a candy cane fan?

  12. Ray: Did they eat them all, or did you?

    William: How about the fruity flavored ones?

  13. I'm about to make a few things involving melting some chocolate chocolate (chocolate covered pretzels, Oreo balls....okay, just two) and now I have another!! Thanks :)

  14. Veg: I love melting stuff with chocolate. So fun. I found these great organic pretzels that I melt chocolate on and they KICK butt. So good.

    Happy Melting :-)