12 December 2011

Guess What? Guess What?

Came home to find another blanket sale in my inbox.  And you know what I'm doing now? A little jig.

In other news, work blew chunks today.  Not the work itself, just that prep got harassed for something beyond our control.

That sucked.

Meanwhile, Tim's got a game tonight and I'm torn between cleaning or watching a movie.  Or maybe I'll hit Wally World.  But before I do any of that, it's time to roast another bird. 

And that brings me to 28 posts to go.  Thanks for reading.

Eat Well & Dance Often.


  1. Congratulations! And wow, even cleaning sounds better than going to WalMart.

  2. Congratz! the dosh is rolling in!! Movie I think the tidying up can wait!!!

  3. Alex: Sadly, I did go to Wally World but when I got there, the lot was full. When it's that full, I don't go it. So tomorrow for new creamer.

    Thanks for the congrats. I'm excited.

    Ray: I never heard dosh before. I'm learning all sorts of new things talking to you and Lurker.

  4. Join the game, join the game!

    Play is always the correct decision.

  5. Did the Wally World thingy after work today to pick up some crunchy veggies for a dish tomorrow at our Campus Christmas Party. Trust me, a movie and even cleaning is a much, MUCH better choice. :) Congratulations!

  6. I had to reread the "blew chunks" part. When I first read it I thought you said you blew chunks at work!

  7. Cleaning or watching a movie? I have a special measuring stick for that. About one inch is marked off at the very end of the stick. This one-inch section is labeled "do something fun." The rest of the stick has "clean the house" written on it. I put the "do something fun" end of the stick into the dust of the most untidy surface in the house. If the dust stops in the "do something fun" segment of the stick, well, that's what I do. If the dust comes all the way up to the "clean the house" portion of the stick, then I do that instead.

  8. Generally trips to Walmart are filled with dread. I keep wanting to roll on the random mutations table from Mutant Future(ask your husband,its a role playing game).
    Do something fun is right. Sometimes you have to for your sanity. Hope all of your holiday & family stuff is going well!

  9. I vote for a Christmas movie. Jingle All The Way? A Christmas Carol?

  10. Savannah: Hope the dish came out yummy. What did you make?

    James: It's exciting. Thanks for the visit.

    Southpaw: Your comment made me laugh and I even had to go back and check what I wrote. Thanks for the smile.

    Bard: That is an excellent way to do it. I took your advice. Not enough dust. Something fun it was. Thanks.

    Needles: Didn't clean. Probably will tomorrow but I did have fun. Hope your season is going well and you're having fun.

    Susan: I played a bit and then was too sleepy for a movie.

    Kim: Yeppers. Enjoying your pictures of your trip.

    Lurker: Always good to dance.