29 August 2011

Wonder Woman Quiz 14

To win one puppy hug, two chocolate pretzels and three dead butterflies, match the Wonder Woman heads to the correct DVD collection.  Season one, two or three.

As always ... I'll be back later with the answers. Thanks for playing and have an oogie boogie day. 

Head A
Head B
Head C


  1. were they the prequels...

    Episode I: Phantom Mean-ass
    Episode II: Attack of the Cones
    Episode III: Revenge of the Princess

  2. No clue what so ever but it could be
    Episode 4 - Don't put
    Episode 6 - Honey on
    Episode 9 - Fish, it's just wrong!!!

    Do I win a prize????

  3. I own them all
    head A season three
    head B season one
    head C season two

  4. I'm not sure about the other two, but I think C is the first season because her cheeks are plumper. However, I just saw Bersercules comment and he says he owns, them, so . . . I'm wrong. This may be the first time I've been wrong about anything in, like, ten years! Wow. And I was really looking forward to the dead butterflies.

  5. no clue - although I did used to watch occasionally.

  6. Not a clue, but she doesn't look at all amused in the third picture....let's give this a try..
    A = 2
    B = 1
    C = 3

    Complete guesses!

  7. I have no idea Whisk, still wouldn't mind a puppy hug! Hope your having a fantastic day!
    All I kept thinking is "Bring me the head of Linda Jean Córdova Carter!" All my best!

  8. Puppy hugs and dead butterflies to everyone who played. And an extra batch of chocolate pretzels goes to Bersercules for nailing it.

    Season 1 is B
    Season 2 is C
    Season 3 is A

    Thanks for playing. See you next quiz.

  9. Did she spend a lot of time getting herself tied up in her own lasso?