Thursday, April 28, 2011


Hi Guys.  Meet Wiggy.  We adopted her from the pound.  She's four months old, loves to snuggle, hug and wiggles her butt so hard that she falls over.  

She's a keeper.

Wiggy has floppy ears and is so sleepy from a day of play.
I took this two seconds after the top one.  That's one pooped pup.


  1. Anonymous4/28/2011

    Cute, cute, cute!! Hope to get to meet her soon!! Kristen

  2. After I paid for her they told me that her brother and sister went, but no one wanted her. They said she barked and wiggled too much and scared people.

    She hasn't barked once since being home and how can a dog wiggle too much?

    She's just so sweet.

  3. Lovely.

    I'm not sure a dog can wiggle too much. Unless guiding a shuttle on re-entry or being fitted for a suit. So rather not.

    She's a very pretty dog, but maybe misleadingly - are the bars for your protection or hers? I'm reminded of The Thing...

  4. Anonymous4/28/2011

    awww she is so cute. :) Give her ears a squeeze from me.

    @Pork - Thanks yes I did get to sleep eventually. :)

  5. That's her kennel. She's a good pup but the wiggling scared off people. The barking wasn't bad they said, just the same as the other dogs there, but the falling over and she's a real scared dog - so they said people were afraid of her.

    We saw her and she was all snuggles. Then when I went back to get her for a surprise for Tim, I took her out back of adoption place and she gave me tons of hugs like crazy.

    That was pretty much it for me.

  6. Niki. I just gave her a squeeze and told her it was from Aunt Niki and she said, "Thanks Aunt Niki."

  7. Ahhhhh, gorgeous -- how soon before she gets her own blog?

  8. Hahahahaha. I'm thinking any day now.

  9. Pat Marinelli4/28/2011

    She's adorable. How big will she get?

  10. I am in love. Sooo cute.

    She reminds me a bit of my girl when I first got her.

    My name isn't Barking Alien for nothing y'know! I happen to be a dog care professional and trainer in real life. If you need any recommendations or have any questions of I non-medical nature hit me up anytime.

    Any idea what her mix is. She is very interesting looking. I'd guess Border Collie and Heeler or else Border Collie and some type of Spaniel.

  11. congratulations on your new addition; she's adorable! and fortunate!

  12. Adorable! Our pup was a rescue dog too. Enjoy your new lovable family member!

  13. Christian: She really is. And sweet too.

    William: She slept by my writing desk today. What a great writing buddy, she is.

    Pat: They didn't know at the pound.

    Barking Alien Thanks bunches. She doesn't bark at all, though they said she did at the shelter. Not sure what she's mixed with. Tim thinks part Border Collie too.

    mshatch: Cute and friendly. That's what did it.

    Kelly: Go you for getting a rescue dog. Very cool.

  14. Anonymous4/29/2011

    awww...what a cutie!

  15. More of a cat person myself, but can't argue with the cute pup'. Sounds like love to me, hehe.

  16. Really cute and you did a good thing.

  17. I have three cats and two dogs in my family, they are such great additions and bring so much happiness to us...I don't know how anyone can not be a cat or dog person. I will never be without my furry friends.

  18. Rescue dogs - THE. BEST.

    Give Wiggy a skritch for me!

  19. Cute rescue, I hope she's a good pup. I had a rescue when I grew up. Anyways, new follow, I like what you got to say.

  20. Wow. Great rescue, beautiful animal. I want a dog, the wife wants a cat. We can barely keep plants alive, so we're in a perpetual "pet cold war", where we decide we can't afford a pet rather than each/either feeling guilty about getting our own way since we can't afford both.

  21. Awww, I love Wiggy! Also I think it's great when people adopt from local pounds/shelters/etc. Two big thumbs up from me.

  22. Rusty: She's having a nappy now right now.

    Brendan: Soon as she hugged me, that was it.

    Lurker: She's a handful but well worth the work.

    m.s. jackson: Three cats and two dogs? Whew. Do they get along well with one another?

    Bard: She is. Happy to have her.

    Pere Ubu: They had so many at the pound. Wiggy lived her entire little life before us, there in that kennel.

    Astronomy Pirate: She's trouble, but just the right amount of trouble. Lots of fun. Thanks for joining. Hope you enjoy your stay. Pull up a chair, we always have plenty of food to share.

    DocStout: I'm not looking forward to upcoming vet bills but glad we got her. Have you guys gone to the pound? The right pet, cat or dog, might pick you guys.

    Angry Veg: Thanks. Me too. I thought I wanted a little puppy pup, but when we saw Wiggy all that didn't matter anymore. She's a bigger pup, but ever so fun and sweet.

  23. Wiggly is cute! Nothing like saving a pup from the pound.

  24. Wiggy looks like an awesome addition to the house! He is in good hands....what and adorable guy!

  25. Alex: She's a keeper.

    Lo-mo: She's a sweet little pup.

    Brutorz: I know. I just love her so much.