14 April 2011

Scary Pink Hand

When Tim came home for lunch he gave me 40 bucks and told me to buy myself something pretty.  So I bought a new Swiffer, along with pink gloves. 

In other news, it was fun catching up with you guys today.  And now ... it's time to shower, get in my jams and snuggle in for the night.  Tomorrow it's the fabric shop and then two days off for the weekend.

Life is good.

This is my scary hand pose.
Here's the new Swiffer.  Her name is Sally.
This is Scary Pink Hand squishing Sally's head.
And now Scary Pink Hand is squishing Pete Parsley's head.
RAWR ....
Then I pointed the camera at the sun, just to see what would happen.


  1. hehehehehehehehe awwww you're so gorgeous! and no I didnt make the apron :)

  2. I respect anyone who can have fun with a pink glove and a camera.

  3. Beautiful pink gloves !!!
    Greetings and good weekend !!!

  4. That's what you bought, you're a good woman Whisk, Tim is very lucky, nice pictures.

  5. Does that glove confer powers like Green Lantern's ring?

  6. The heavy wooden door grinds inward, grating on the stone floor as your party pushes it open. Entering the darkened chamber you are horrified, for the flickering torch light reveals a scary pink hand armed with a swiffer. Roll for initiative...

  7. After this post I was trying to teach the little one the wisdom of the Kids in the Hall.

  8. Isn't 40 bucks just a bit steep? I'm not saying they're not pretty - in fact they're possibly the best looking pair of gloves and Swiffer I've seen - but for 35 I'd do it, absolutely any time at all, and I'd spend plenty of time cleaning up in the kitchen especially.

  9. I, too, am a fan of cleaning products!

  10. Niki: Why thank you and so are you and Miss 8.

    Cake: The camera did okay. But I kept seeing the sun for a little while after that.

    Matt: I really did have fun.

    magda: Ευχαριστώ. Κάνουν βρώμικα πιάτα εξαφανιστούν.

    Thanks. They make dirty dishes disappear.

    Lurker: I did and you know, when I called Tim at work to say guess what I got? He knew it was Sally and the pink gloves.

    Trey: You betcha they do.

    Bard: That's fantastic. Great great comment. Loved it. Thanks.

    Cake: I still haven't seen that show. I think it's on Netflix instants.

    Porky: Sally was 10 and the gloves, 3. Pretty good, so I splurged and bought a second pair of pink gloves for muddy garden work. 16 smackers. With the rest I got groceries, and a special dessert for Tim. Turkey Hill vanilla ice cream, strawberries and cream topping. I'm such a good wife.

    Christian: They are fun. Especially when I find a new product that works well. Love that.

  11. Oh, so laughing out loud. I did a similar camera sun trick just a few weekends ago. It was a cool picture, but that darn black spot in my vision didn't go away for some time!

  12. Daisey: Glad you got a laugh. Loved your blog post today. Great stuff, as always.

  13. Yes, you are!

    Daisey's post was great. I'm wondering if I can have that kind of party my next birthday, but with Orks, say, instead of cats, and games a bit more like LARPing. And with adults of course, or big kids depending how you think of them.

  14. This made me smile. If someone had told me last week that pictures of cleaning supplies would do that, I'd have thought they were crazy.

  15. HA!! Very, very funny. I can hear Sally screaming all the way over here.

  16. Porky: A birthday party with Orks. I wanna come.

    Doc: Glad you got a smile. Those are always great.

    MG: Sally did a great job with the floors. I love new kitchen toys.

    Biff: Thanks, it was fun to buy the new toys. Even more fun to play with them.

    Brutorz Bill: Thanks for the smile.

  17. Ahhhhh!!! The scarey pink had of squishiness!!! You really must see the "Kids in the Hall"...sketch comedy at its best.

  18. Lo-mo: I'll have to Netflix it. One of the actors I really like in it. I'm sure I'll enjoy it based on what little I've heard.

  19. @ Whisk - Wow! If you turn up early, you can help with the prep...

  20. The Pink Glove: the new slasher horror film of 2012. Can you just see it?