05 November 2010

Homemade Marshmallows

Today we made homemade marshmallows. The batter got so thick that I had to get help from Tim. Which gave me time to snap these groovy action shots.

I poured the mixture into a baking dish. It takes 12 hours to set up, so I don't have a picture of the finished goodies.

Going by the taste so far, I'll rewrite this formula until I get it to taste better. The formula I used today, wasn't mine. It's not bad, I just don't care for corn syrup. But, I did want to do it her way first, so I could get the technique down. And if nothing else, this batter before setup, would work great in peanut butter fudge.

Until next time, Happy Eating :-)


  1. Post pics of the finished product. I bet they'll be awesome!

  2. Hi Christian. I'll do that. Hope your spam thing is clearing up. I'm so sorry to hear you got spammed.

    We have snow tonight. So pretty.

    Headed to bed. Three more day of Stay-cation and then it's back to real life.

    Thanks for stopping by. 'night.