12 October 2010

Spaghetti for Breakfast

The 12th of October is my grandfather’s birthday. In many ways, he helped shape the cook I am today. When he was alive he always said, “try it once, if you don’t like it you never have to eat it again.”

To my kid-logic, this was a reasonable agreement.

He’d also say, “taste buds change. I used to hate spinach, now I love it.”

He’s right about that. For years, I didn’t eat red meat or poultry and now I’m learning an entire new line of foods, like roasted chicken, Coleman uncured bacon (so good), and hamburgers (both fast food and homemade).

Another thing I remember is Gramps always made anything to eat at any time.

At his house, hamburger, cold chicken, crab salad, egg sandwiches and fried spaghetti often made it to the breakfast table.

Not everyone ate the way Gramps did. “Aaaaa,” he’d grumble, “they don’t know what they’re missing,” he’d tell me as I ate a warm bowl of fried spaghetti, and he ate his hamburger on a bun.

That’s a good memory for me.

Crabbing was another pastime for Gramps. He’d bring huge piles of crab home and once cooked, I’d sort the shells from the good meat. More crab ended up in my belly, than in the bowl.

He was also the first person to teach me how to chop an onion. Cut it along one way, turn it around, cut it the other, turn again and mince. As a kid, I thought that was magical. As an adult, I can’t mince and onion without thinking about him.

Happy Birthday Gramps. Thanks for spending time with me.


  1. Since my mom's idea of cooking was calling for pizza I didn't have too much experience with cooking. Both grandmothers were excellent cooks and bakers. Oh god the cookies. I have eaten fried speghetti for breakfast, not often, but I liked it. Happy birthday gramps.

  2. Thanks, Babe. I know, you're not a big spaghetti eater.

    Finished that draft. Whew. Printed and ready for another pass. See ya home tonight for scary movie and organic popcorn.


  3. I'm pretty sure I've eaten fried spaghetti for brekkie. I like your grandpa's style, breakfast like a king and all that :)

    I've eaten chinese take-out, fish and rice (but that's standard filipino fare, half my ancestry) and Dungeondad's half italian so we've probably eaten refried spaghetti when the cornflakes have run out.

    Wish I could email you Ivy but I can't find a link anywhere for you or Tim.

  4. Gramps was pretty cool. He wanted us to try things and keep an open mind. Realize taste buds change and enjoy good food.

    I miss him.