11 October 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

So here I am. Home from my day job. Taking photos of pumpkins and apples, when I should be knee deep in rewrites for my book.  Instead, I'm distracted by fall flavours and yummy cooking.

Happy Thanksgiving :-)


  1. Hi Ivy - I want to follow this, it all looks delicious!

    What's your book?

  2. Hello and Happy Tuesday. It's a scary kids book. Goofing around yesterday really helped, as I am back to my normal writing today. Rah. And I have off again today from the day job. Double rah.

    Absolutely you may have my bagel recipe. I'm hoping to make a big batch this weekend, and will post all about it. Thanks much and have a most excellent day.

    I'm headed back to the book ...

  3. Thanks! Best of luck with the book. Will you post stuff about that as well? (I love writing tips) I'm THIS close to the end of my first draft.

    Better get on with it . . .

  4. Hi Dungeonmum. Yes, I will talk about my writing in this blog. I just now finished the draft I was working on. Rah.

    Much congrats on getting closer to the end of your draft. It's a nice feeling to have that draft done. I look forward to reading about you hitting that goal.

    Keep plugging away & Happy Writing :-)