25 June 2014

Who Wants Cupcakes?

A new batch of Carrot Cupcakes are in the oven, the maple frosting is ready, and my dishes are done.  Now I'm just waiting for Frankenberry to get home with the pizza.

It's date night.

I just heard my first timer go off.  Gotta check the oven.  I'm back.  Just a bit more should do the trick.  The kitchen smells great, and the carrot cupcakes have homemade carrot juice.

Since I'm energized from the bake, I might as well go scrub the crappers and do laundry.  Even though I really want to do another bake.  But the crappers are a callin', so they win.

You boogerbutts have a great day and to those who asked in my last post, no, the dogs don't get the mistake bakes.  We eat them.  Eating is the best way to learn about food.  Not by cooking, but by eating.

Catch ya later and boogie boogie.


  1. Maple and vanilla - great combination.
    Enjoy your pizza!

  2. I've never actually used veggies in cakes so far.....

    1. Dezzy, carrots are amazing. For the liquid, I juiced organic carrots. Then I shredded the rest. Next time, I'm going to incorporate the leftover meal from juicing. See how that works.

    2. Yes Dezzy...get with it! Ha!
      I love love love maple anything!
      I put shredded carrot in my meatloaf....
      Adds so much moisture....
      Boogie boogie...
      Linda :o)

  3. Those cupcakes sound yummy!

    Tell me, howcum crappers only know how to call OUR names? Never once, not in forty-five years of marriage, has one of them ever called my husband. (Oh well. Just as well. He'd just ignore it...)

    Enjoy date night!

  4. I have a virtual cupcake, thanks to you. Nice bit of Canadian extra with the maple included, eh.

    Must go, my pizza delivery has arrived........
    Gary :)

  5. "...the dogs don't get the mistake bakes. We eat them."

    What, you eat the dogs? Or the mistake bakes?


    Those cupcakes sure sound good!

  6. Hand in air... 'I'll take a cupcake!' Nom nom nom...

    Too bad we can't reach through screens yet for food. Maybe someday!

  7. Oh, they look soooooo good!

  8. throw a few my way, please (said while hands pressed together). LOL! wonderful post. cheers!!

  9. I love your frosted with maple!!

  10. Maple and vanilla are naturals with carrots. Yummy.