26 February 2013

I'm a Cupcake

Kitchen work is labor-intense.  Where I work, the prep cooks make all of the food that goes directly on the three bars; soup, salad and dessert.  And the line cooks do all the burgers, fish fries/chips, and various other meats and potatoes. 

Everyone working before 5PM does their own dishes, there are no head chefs, and corporate decides the menu.

But I don't care who makes the menu, just so I get to leave the house at 6:30 each morning, and go to a job I love.

Yesterday I did hot side (soups).  We have huge cauldrons filled with all kinds of heavy stuff.  Thankfully, I work with the best prep team, EVAR - and they lift the water jackets.

Because I am a cupcake, and cupcakes can't lift water jackets.  Well I could, but probably just the one time.  And that's not how I'm going out.  So I rely on my prep buddies.  They're the best, and I'm thankful to work with them.

And in good news, my inflammation (edema), has gone down a great deal since my last post.  It's amazing what the right healing foods can do to aid the process of healing.

Meanwhile, I'm still doing daily bakes, and on my rest time, watching a buttload of YouTube cookery shows.  Because you never know, I might just start shooting from the trailer. 

I might be a cupcake,  but I do a mean bake.

That's all from me, boogie boogie.


  1. We want videos! We want videos! =)

    I dated a sous-chef. When we first met he was a prep cook and worked his way up from there after a few years. It was a very rough job and he came home uber exhausted every morning. (He worked nights - yuck!)

    I'm glad you have your prep buddies and they take care of you, Whisk.

  2. Elsie: I never heard of a prep cook that worked nights. Icky. I just finished those horrible night shifts at the pizza shoppe. I don't care for nights.

    No sous-chefs at our place either, but the place up the road has one.

  3. So happy that you love your job! It sounds great! :)

  4. How wonderful. I love happy posts from happy writers!! And you sound ecstatic!

  5. At least you're not a Twinkie!
    That rocks you are enjoying your job again.
    And thanks for featuring my next book in your sidebar. You the woman!!!

  6. Jen: I am so much happier. Now I'm healing better as well. Thanks for dropping by. Much luck to you in changing your blog about.

    Melanie: I'm one happy food writer, that's for sure. Thanks for stopping by. I'm making my rounds today, to play catch up.

    Alex: I have a proper post coming, but sure thing. It will be there for a bit.

    The Twinkies work in salad bar. They come in later than us, and share part of our kitchen.

  7. is it awfully hot in the kitchen where you work?

  8. DEZMOND: During the hot months, yes. There's no wearing anything twice. Once home we are soaked. But happy.

  9. Oh I have to agree. When I'm in the kitchen every consecutive day, even though I love it it becomes a little tedious. So much admiration for people like you who can do it day after day.

  10. Glad to read this post. Sounds like you are back where you belong.

  11. Azra: Tedious? Oh heavens. Well, the pizza shoppe got that way for me. Boring on every culinary level. Plus we weren't allowed to know any of the recipes.

    So stupid.

    Ken: I am thanks. Still in a good bit of pain, but at least I'm happier. Makes healing easier.

    You cook anything good these days?

  12. You sound do much happier! Glad the old job is still fun and you're feeling MUCH better!

  13. Suzan: Thanks, I am happier. I still hurt like hell, but I feel much better mentally.

  14. You're right to take it easy if you have a solid crew to rely on. One little slip and it's all over. It tough to admit you're not invincible, but you have to take care of yourself. Like in Star Wars, everybody has strengths and weaknesses, but a good team acknowledges that and helps each other out since there's a bigger challenge to face.

    Glad to hear the edema is receding, too. It's good that focusing on the things you love (good food and work situation) is healing.


  15. Spawn: I'm okay with not being invincible. I'd rather be walking and moving about, than not.

    You're right about a good team. And I tell ya, my girls really take care of me. The other day my prep buddy found a bin, turned it over and covered the seat with a plastic bag, just to help relieve the pressure on my spine.

    By the way, I still can't believe the whole horse meat at Ikea thing. So glad I was a Veghead food snob back then. Otherwise, I might have tried one.

  16. If you do start shooting videos from the trailer, you need to do one that gets chicken pot pie right. Dennis was way far afield on that one. Never, ever precook peas in a pot pie.
    Speaking of cupcakes, I made Carrot Cake cupcakes yesterday.

  17. Lloyd: How do I find your blog? Or do you just have a profile page?

    My husband hates peas, so mine would be without. He also hates mushrooms, but other than those two things, he'll eat anything.

    I LOVE carrot cupcakes. Just Sunday I was thinking that I need to make a batch. It's my most favorite cake.

    How did your turn out? Did you add nuts? Some people don't, but I like a good walnut or pecan in mine.

  18. It's okay to be a cupcake...and I'm so happy that you are feeling better.

  19. Savannah: Thanks and congrats on book five. My gosh, that's just wonderful.

  20. I'm so glad everything is working out for you - AND you're getting healthier!! Yay!

    You go, cupcake!!

  21. A blog? I can barely find time to read blogs, let alone write one. And there isn't much of a profile either, the least google will let me get away with. Love walnuts in the carrot cake, but only if I'm baking for me and the nieces. If it's for work or any other group, I don't dare put them in. This batch was for me so they were splenda blend and no frosting.

  22. Say yeah to good work buddies, and good news on the thingybob, hope you kick it to touch


  23. Good to hear you're doing great, Ms Cupcake.

  24. Lloyd: If you wanted, there is a way to go back to the old Blogger profile. I found it when I was putting together my coupon blog.

    I have not worked with Splenda but I have baked with Stevia. Though I might be spelling it wrong. Wasn't bad, actually.

    Niki: Thank you, YOU.

    Ian: Yeah to good work buddies, indeed.

    Grumpster: Ms Cupcake. Hahahaha. That's good.

  25. And cupcakes are meant to be taken seriously!