17 October 2012


There isn't even the smallest part of me that wants to leave the house, and go to work.

I just don't wanna.

And I'd sit in the middle of the floor and cry like our littlest pup, Bug does, but I don't think that will work.  Still gotta go.  Still gotta pay bills.  Still gotta save for that house.

The good news is, I get another Saturday off this weekend.  Tim bought a big-ass coupon book filled with local and not-so-far away eateries.  Many we haven't tried.  Most of the coupons are BOGO meals (buy one get one free).  I do like that, and it will be fun to try some new dives.

Meanwhile, time to put on my red shirt and get to work.

So don't want to go.


  1. I'm sorry!!
    Go enjoy a meal out this weekend, you'll feel better.

  2. I've had days like that before. Just look forward to the fun you'll have on Saturday, if the paycheck doesn't do that motivation trick!

  3. I'm all about Saturdays too. Can't wait to sleep in a little.

  4. I'll trade with you. You can do my edits, and I'll make pizza.

    Except I doubt if the customers would appreciate me sneezing on their pies.

  5. Rachel and I have just found an incredible, new, Mexican restaurant about three minutes drive from our house. It's probably a bit far for you guys though - but I'm sure you'll find somewhere closer ;) Hope you have a relaxing/fun Saturday!

  6. I remember this feeling so well, back when I worked in the Costco food court....

  7. I know how you feel, Happy; I never want to go work. I just want to stay home and write. Damn those bills!

    Sorry you have to go:(

  8. Alex: Looking forward to it.

    Stacy: Good advice.

    Susan: I love Saturdays off. Hope you get a good sleep in.

    Suzan: I LOVE editing. Seriously, so much fun.

    Work was boring today :-(

    Tim: If Doctor Who could make a stop here, Tim and I could join you guys.

    KarenG: They use to have a frozen yogurt that I really dug.

    mshatch: Damn those bill, is right.

  9. Hon, we've all had moments like that so we all feel your pain! But the paycheck is worth it in the end (I guess).

    Have fun with those coupons, I'm sure you'll have fun discovering new dishes and ways to make yummy food!


  10. The warm cozy house will make all these days worth it :D

  11. Work sometimes does suck blue whales ass, well a lot lately, have a good one if you can!

  12. I feel nothing but sorrow for your plight, but I have to work with Fran, so I never want to go to work! I even have to pick him up each shift, life's great!!

  13. I'm a day late with this, but I hope work ended up okay in the end. I'm having the same problem today. Guess I gotta grab myself by the collar, pick myself up, and kick myself in the pants to get going.

  14. Ugh, I hate days like that! Hopefully it gets better. :)

  15. Well I hope work went well. October is always a lazy month for me. I don't know why...maybe all the childhood memories of playing with friends and getting ready for Halloween. I guess it doesn't matter anymore....

  16. Jai: It is fun trying new things with coupons, for sure. Thanks for the comment and hope you have a groovy weekend.

    Kim: Ah, the Big Picture.

    Thanks :-)

    Lurker: Blue whales ass. Might have to steal that for a blog post sometime.

    Ray: You made me laugh at the end there with the life's great part. Thanks.

    Bard: It was boring that day. Not all that thrilled about going in today either, so I'll be kicking myself to get going as well.

    Southpaw: One more day and I get a day off. That will be nice. Just a tad tired now.

    VegHead: So great to see you. Where you been? My goodness.

    Just got back from the market and the leaves all were so pretty to drive past. Love fall.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  17. William: They do suck.

    Hate those kinds of days.