12 August 2012

Up for the Challenge

I love days off and even more fun if I get to share them with Tim.  And this weekend, I got a surprise with my work schedule and landed a FREE Sunday.

Hot dog.

What are we going to do?  No idea.  Don't care.  Just happy to have the same day off as Tim.  Love it, love it, love it.

In baking contest news, Friday I worked on another draft of my banana chocolate chip muffin formula.  The trick is to stay within their guidelines for fat and nutrition.

I'm enjoying that challenge.

You guys have a great one.  Boogie boogie.


  1. I bet Tim has suggestions for your day off together!

  2. Have a great day together, here Sunday is winding down which is fine by me as I did far too much yesterday!

  3. Ian: Thanks. I'm catching up on some blogs and online coupon deals, right now.

    Enjoyed your review post :-)

  4. It is always wonderful to have time off together! Gotta love that! Hope that whatever you guys decide to do, you have fun! Have a great week!

  5. I'm not keen on banana's, I'll have to give the muffins a miss I'm afraid! Have a great day off!
    boogie boogie!

  6. Anita: Great owl you did. And have a groovy Sunday with your Hubs as well.

    Ray: You are the second person this week that told me they didn't like bananas.

  7. Yay, you, for taking it easy today.

    For my Sunday off, I FINALLY went to see The Dark Knight Rises. Excellent, excellent movie!

  8. Hope you're enjoying your day off together :)

  9. I hope you enjoyed your day off and got that recipe tweaked.

  10. Hope you guys got to have some fun together!

  11. Susan: Love those.

    Suzan: I heard it was a good one.

    mshatch: Love your new header.

    Elsie: Feels like we haven't talked in a long time. How goes your couponing?

    Bard: We hit Wegmans. I could live at that store. Tim wrote and I couponed my butt off.

    How goes you?

  12. Goofing off for the sake of goofing off is an entirely splendid way of spending a day off.