02 August 2012

My Two Big Splurges

Organic butter and flour.  And for one of them, I didn't even use a coupon.


It's been six months since I used this flour and by gosh, I wanted to use it for the banana chocolate mini muffins that I made yesterday.

And you know what? I loved it.

Good ingredients makes all the difference.  And organic butter out does crappy butter, any day.  Thankfully though, I had a coupon and a store sale.  And get this, my $1 coupon doubled to 2 bucks, thanks to an in-store promotion.

If you want to give Organic Valley a try, click organic butter coupon.  There you'll find a few other organic goodies as well, including a $1 off organic eggs. 

But if you want to make your own butter, check out my girl Niki's blog.  She made butter.  How frickin' cool is that?

So frickin' cool.

Scroll down her page to find the butter.  She also made her own soap, and she's an excellent photographer as well.

Cheers all, and boogie boogie.

No cloned cows were used in the making of this butter.


  1. Organic food is always better. We try to get organic produce whenever possible.

  2. Mmmm, butter. I buy it at Costco and it's not organic but still delicious!

  3. Alex: Very cool on the organic produce. Which by the way, will be highlighted in an upcoming post.

    KarenG: I always do the scone test. If a butter can taste good in a scone, then I'll buy it again. Organic or not.

    Glad you found one that you like.

  4. I wish I could afford to buy more organic foods, but with our budget it's not as feasible as I would like. That's partly what is going to motivate me to grow my own garden next year!

  5. Anita: What a great motivator. Have you tried couponing? It's a great little hobby, that pays in food and household items.

  6. I try to get organic groceries as much as possible. It's so much better!

    And making my own butter would definitely be boogie boogie! I'm going to check it out!


  7. Jai: You will love Niki. She is a bright beautiful spirit, much like yourself. You two would get along great.

    Cheers and boogie boogie.

  8. Nice, I love that KA flour and use it for stuff all the time.

    I've been thinking about becoming more adept with pretzels, german style of course... ever use KA high-gluten, or have another recommendation?

  9. So sophisticated! Even your butter is cultured. ;)

  10. Thanks for sharing the coupon love! I wonder if walmart will let me use the $1 off the bluediamond when it is on the discounted to $1 shelf...hmmm.....

  11. Ummm...Nothing like real butter in baked goods.

  12. mmmm butter that is good for you... mmmmm

  13. haha thanks Whisk! :) I could see you making lovely soap full of herbs and goodies.

    Are you watching much of the Olympics? We scored our first gold medal yesterday in the rowing :)) yay!

  14. When I was growing up, my aunt always made butter and shared it with us. It was so good.
    My one grandmother made lye soap and it was horrible.

  15. And those banana choco-chip muffins found a nice home in my belly. They were soooo good. Time for more, I can see through the container.

  16. Mr. Blue: I have not played with a high-gluten enough. But feel it holds up well to stretching and pulling.

    I was at the market just yesterday looking at pretzels and thought I'd like to try my hand at making hard ones (I've only made soft before). I'd be happy to email and share my findings and compare notes.

    Happy Pretzel making :-)

    Trey: Thanks for the smile.

    Lo-mo: At my Walmart if an item is discounted for a buck and I have a dollar off coupon, they will give me the item free.

    I will be doing a post on getting freebies soon and for sure email you when I do.

    You can also email me anytime to chat couponing. It's so much fun.


    Suzan: So so true.

    Retro: And that brand is clone-free. Double good for me.

    Niki: Ohhh, I would love to make them full of herbs. I'm on a major organic rosemary kick right now.

    I haven't watched any because we don't have TV. Just NetFlix and stuff like that.

    Go you guys for getting your first gold medal. That is exciting news.

    Susan: I never ever had homemade butter. Saw Ethel try to make it once on Lucy. Funny funny episode.

    Tim: Double smooch.

  17. Thanks for sharing the butter making link, how fun! What's the difference in Cultured Butter?

  18. Daisey: Don't know, but I can tell you it bakes with more flavor than crappy butter.

  19. The scone test sounds like it would work to me....

  20. William: I'm tellin'ya, it really works.

  21. Never had organic butter, bet it does taste good!