20 March 2012

Boogie Boogie

Boogie boogie and a great BIG Happy Spring and Autumnal Equinox.

For me it's a holiday.  And like each new seasonal celebration, I make a three month goal and we exchange gifts.

This is what Tim got me.

And when I put it on my table, it doesn't move around or anything.  I don't even need a wet paper towel underneath.

And I got one for work, too.  Am I spoiled or what?


  1. OOOch I hate the poly boards. I much prefer wood even though it has the bad rep of harbering germs (wrong as that is, it harbours good bacteria that kills the bugs)

    Those boards are great though but clean it in a dishwasher if allowed and use a bacterial spray between uses to get the best out of it. For very best results never cut uncooked meats on it.


  2. Ian: You don't have to be sorry. I love wood boards. They're great.

    As for raw meat, I have a special board and cleaner, just for when I'm choppin' chickens.

    Cheers and boogie boogie.

  3. I remember these from my chef days, they're not bad, what did Tim get?

  4. Lurker: Game of Thrones on Blu-ray. But it's still not here yet. Ordered it from Amazon.

  5. 80)
    Game of Thrones! I'd rather have that than a chopping board!!!

  6. Ray: The DVDs are too small
    to chop garlic on.

  7. Hey Whisk- like the idea of DIY holidays. Something just for you guys... :)

  8. Means preparing more tasty dishes for you!

  9. Pretty cutting board. I'm sure you'll get plenty of use out of it.

    And I hate to break it to you, but it's the Vernal Equinox, not Autumnal. I don't know about you, but I'm not ready for fall!! :)

  10. i love this cutting board. i need one of yhis fot chivken.
    Hsppy spring!!

  11. Ragnardbard: I'm big into celebrating.

    William: I know it.

    Alex: That's right. Fun, fun.

    Stacy: For us, yes. But for some of my buddies out there in Blogger Land, it's their fall equinox. Like Niki, who is excited about autumn.

    Gloria: Thank you. Have a wonderful day.

  12. For me having a cutting board that stays put is more important than the germ side of things. Do the corners bits keep that one in place? I picked up a wooden one with rubber feet years ago (rechecking now it's called "Gripperwood" -- evocative if not entirely pleasant). The down side (as it were) is that it's only one-sided.

  13. Spawn: Yeah the corner bits work nice. And the board we had a work was HUGE. This one is much easier for me to get to the dish room or our prep sink.

    I like the idea of wood with grippers. I'll have to Google that one.

    I love kitchen stuff.

    Congrats on fishing your work for school. That is VERY cool.

  14. Nice cutting board. I have three cutting boards: one for meat, two for veggies. There's nothing like chopping to make you feel like a real cook. Though in my case, it doesn't happen often.

  15. I'm so glad it's here. What a great idea, the giving of gifts to celebrate it too. I'm going to have to talk to the Hubby about this.

  16. Kathi: Not a big cooker? Cutting boards are fun. I have several for different jobs, as well.

    Daisey: Back at you.

    Anne: It's a great deal of fun.

  17. Hope your leg is doing well/better! Happy Spring to you too. We're getting a torrential downpour here in Oregon. And neat on your cutting board that doesn't move--always a plus. I have a stone one of some sort, which I bought at a booth at a festival, and a tempered glass one. Love 'em both! :)

  18. Carol: A stone one? Very nice. I saw a largeish stone one when I was at the gadget store.

    Neato stuff.

  19. It's a true cook and lover of all things food who can get excited over a cutting board. Boogie boogie indeed.

  20. I meant to go on an Equinox walk - missed it. Time flies.

    And yes you are sow spoiled. ;)

  21. Given your avatar and regular appearances by said character... you may want to check out the pic in this blog, Whisk:


  22. Karen: Love those kitchen toys. Also, I clicked on your blog last night and it read, removed. I don't have your email and I haven't checked this morning.

    Headed to work now. Hope your blog is back up.

    Kim: It's good to be spoiled. And I love your new avatar.

    mshatch: It works great on the job as well. So fun.

    William: That is so cool. Thanks for telling me about it. I looked to see if I had your email to send you a thanks, but no go.

    Anyway, I love the sneakers.

    So much fun.

  23. I love those guys! I've one for chicken (then another for all the other meaty things) and one for the veg. The non-slide rubbery thingies on the edges just make everything easier..and I'm not worried about what's oozing into the towel underneath.

  24. Toby: At work our board is huge and moves, unless I use a towel under it. This one does much better at work. But is still small for the amount of veg we prep.

    At home though, I love this little guy even more. So easy. Doesn't move. Just works great.

    Thanks for dropping by and cheers.