14 December 2011

Hijacked Tim's Blog

I took over Tim's blog and I'm offering 20% off your entire purchase of blankets.

Click Gothridge Manor for details and 20% coupon.

Now that we're selling, I can really see that sewing room become a writing room.

And that makes me happy. VERY happy.

In food news, more paprika chicken for lunch, with sweet tea.  Followed by chores, chores and more chores.

Home today.  Might try Wally World in a bit.  I'm out of this yummy new creamer.  I think having it in my hot tea again, would really make cleaning so much better.

Cheers & Boogie Boogie.


  1. And how does Tim feel about the takeover?

  2. i think tim will be fiiiiiine lolol

  3. Tim could be making a lockpicking roll at this very moment.

  4. Oooh, making the sewing room into a writing room! Fun. Although I like sewing too. My "office" is multipurpose--guest room, writing room, art room, sewing room, place-for-older-daughter-to-store--her-stuff room. ;o) Enjoy your day! (not the chores)

  5. Alex: Be far worse offense if I gave the pups his lunch.

    Christopher: You're right. We want that writing room.

    Trey: So that's a no on Superman playing D&D?

    Porky: You know what's funny? Tim sucks at picking locks, in game. Even on the 360.

    Carol: And it doesn't bother you that that one room as so many purposes?

    Right now ours is a blanket storage room, jogging, regular storage, and toss the crap we don't know what to do with, room. And that's too many things, for us.

  6. Lurker: Thanks for visiting both posts.

    No sleestaks on either.

  7. Ah, so it's a bribery system, is it?