22 December 2011

Dig My New Apron

That's right.  Wonder Woman.  One of the prep girls gave it to me for Christmas and I LOVE it. 


  1. I bet you can't resist twirling around in it will you sing the theme song from the old show to yourself. ;)

  2. James: Have you been cooking? Because they also sell Superman and Batman aprons.

    Lurker: Happy Being on leave for a bit. Hope you have lots of fun. Cheers.

    Daisey: Great flower pots, you made.

  3. Did it make you forget how you felt earlier today? I hope so!
    Cool apron!

  4. Stacy: I was just tired this morning from not sleeping well this week. Puppy stuff.

    Ray: Are you laughing at my new apron?

  5. Oh. My. Goodness!!! I love that apron. Love, LOVE it. So cool. Lucky!

  6. Matt: So fun, it is. Merry Christmas.

    bliss: Yeah, she surprised me but good.

    Brutorz: How goes you, Brutorz?

    Bard: Hey there, mister Bard. How's Mrs. Bard these days?

    RaShelle: She ordered it online, but I'm not sure where. They have Superman and Batman, as well.

  7. Oh wow! Fantastic. You just about can't have a more perfect gift for you than that! Enjoy it, WW!

  8. I dig that. I can imagine that twirling too. I wouldn't have thought it was out there, but now it seems obvious. Maybe I can get a Superman one and cook with my eyes..? I'd have to be careful I didn't crush any jars taking the lids off though.

  9. i could make this response be dirty... so let your mind wander.


  10. Carol: Hope you have a groovy weekend and Happy New Year. Boogie, boogie, boogie.

    Porky: If you do, I'd like to see the video blog of how many jars get broken. Think how fast you can fry an egg though.

    iZombie: Believe me, I've heard a good deal of comments since getting the new apron.

  11. LOL I'm so jealous! Love the apron!

  12. Mo D: I love it.

    Suzan: They have them online.

    William: And practical.