09 December 2011

being human

Have you seen this show?  The BBC one, not the American one.  We're digging it.  They make us laugh and the characters are likeable.

Wanted to watch an episode before I hit the slab but, I'm pooped.

In other news, today I trained a 3rd greenhorn.  And she did FANTASTIC.

Hot dog.

Well Boogerbutts, this concludes another broadcast day.  Meanwhile, I'm closer to finishing my Blogger Challenge.

Double hot dog.


  1. Love Being Human - keep trying to convince Lady Rachel to watch (as she's a Russell Tovey fan, but she's put off by the 'horror' angle)

  2. Flea: I watched an episode one afternoon while Tim was working and then stopped because I thought he'd like it too.

    The werewolf makes me laugh.

    I like when he asks them if they all taken stupid pills.

  3. I'm a big fan. I watched the pilot on BBC3 a few years back and followed the show ever since. It is oddly funny and bloody, which is my kind of show really. I haven't dared see the U.S. remake after the hash-job that was made of Life On Mars... Another one of our shows that really got ballsed up in translation.

  4. Brendan: Thanks to NetFlix, Tim and I are able to watch all kinds of neat things. Right now we're at the beginning of the show.

    As for the American ripoff of being human, I have ZERO interest.

    Never saw either of the Life on Mars. Sorry the ballsed it up.

  5. "As for the American ripoff of being human, I have ZERO interest. "

    You said it, sister. I agree.

  6. Its a very clever series, another great BBC series is "The Fades", if you get a chance to watch it, do.

  7. I haven't seen the BBC one only the American version. Now I'm curious and want to see it.

  8. christian: Did you see the show Ray suggested?

    Ray: Will look it up. Thanks bunches.

    Kim: Hope you get to see the original. And again, loved the Snoopy-stlye photos you guys took.

  9. Honestly, I'm pretty sure Being Human is a concept that you can't go too far wrong with, so long as you don't overdo the sit-com aspect at the expense of everything else... So who knows, the N.A. series might not be so bad.

    But I just feel like I don't need to see it since I've got the U.K. original already, y'know?

  10. Like Brendan I've been a fan since the pilot. Great show. Fades is really good, too. I especially like the 'best mate' character Mac, played by Daniel Kaluuya. Also, Johnny Harris is an interesting actor and has been good in everything I've seen him in so far.

    I watched the first episode of the US version of Being Human and it was beat for beat, line for line identical, but the character playing the werewolf Geroge juts could match Russel Tovey's charisma and delivery.


  11. sigh. 'juts could', of course should be 'just couldn't' /sigh.

  12. Sorry, I haven't watched it. How many posts remaining to hit your target?

  13. I love both versions. Just dropped by to say thanks for having been my friend, Roland

  14. Brendan: Me too. I'm groovin' on the original, so like you, I have a need to watch the copycat.

    Lee: We looked for Fades couldn't find it. We'll give uTube a shot. See what that brings.

    That werewolf, he is fantastic. I can see his charisma and delivery not being matched. And to be honest, I don't see why they even bothered to do a US copy.

    Lee: A typo? Gosh, I've never done one of those.

    Alex: 31. Which for me is a lot, since I'm not a daily blogger. Or, at least I wasn't before my challenge to reach 204 for the year.

    Roland: Do you like one more than the other?

  15. I realise its probably not a GREAT help but this is the BBC link for The Fades (which was rather unexpectedly excellent): http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0129tkw

  16. Haven't seen this one, but we're always enjoying BBC comedies.

    Hope you're enjoying the holiday foods as much as we are!!

  17. Flea: Thanks bunches. I'll give it a go.

    Hanny: There's so much good stuff on the BBC.

    Foods are the same here year round. I'm always making this or that, and seeing what happens when I try this or that. Just fun lab work, constantly.

    I've been enjoying you blogging more. Glad to see you doing so much.

    Cheers and hello to the wife.

  18. Flea: I'm able to see and read this, but not get the show to play. Though it almost looks like it will, then stops. Grrrr.

    But thank you for trying.

    Off to the market to get ingredients for peanut butter pie and peanut butter balls. Although, I have to come up with a better name than, balls. Just not desserty enough.

  19. I haven't seen either version.

    The Brit series of recent years that I've watched quite a bit has been MI5, or Spooks, as it's called over there.