15 August 2011

Big Girl Pants

On the ride home from the fabric shop I saw a big honkin' sign, Kitchen Help Wanted.  Went in, got an application and after much fuss and fear, I filled the damn thing out.

Now I've got my big girl pants on and I'm headed to drop it off.  I'm tired of being afraid.

So you know what?

I'm gonna go for it.

Here I go.


  1. Radical. I bet you will be great. Do you know what they would like you to do?

    I was a short order cook in college and it was cool. Then I wussed out when given a chance to work as a garde manger in a French restaurant.

    But you're no wuss. You'll do great!

  2. Go for it, you'll be fine. The worst they can do is kill you and use your body for ingredients...

    ...Actually, that is pretty bad...

    ...But unlikely.

  3. As Joshua Logan once told me: "If anything can stop you let it. But don't let anything stop you."

  4. Besty luck to you :) It could be the start of your career as a chef! XX

  5. YAY! Go for it!! I bet those big-girl pants fit you just perfectly.

  6. Hey Guys: Just got back from my pre-interview. My real interview is tomorrow and now I gotta go buy a second shirt. All the shirts I have are covered in cooking stains.

    James: Thanks so much.

    christian: It's not a fancy kitchen. It's a steakhouse, with all major holidays off. Of course I'm a wuss. That's why I needed to put on my big girl pants.

    Brendan: You cracked me up. Thanks for that. Much appreciated.

    Cake: So true. Thanks for that.

    Matt: One little step and it feels good.

    Niki: And soon my own cooking vlog. No way, too scary. I'll stick with pretend.

    MG: Thanks bunches. You guys rock.

  7. ooh! Exciting! keep us posted :)

  8. Wouldn't cooking stains help?

    Good luck! Break an egg! ;-)

  9. How could they not hire you?

  10. mshatch: Will do. I'm excited.

    David: Break an egg. That's so great.

    -C: Thanks for saying that.

  11. Special Agent Ray: I hope I get it. I hope I get it. I hope I get it. Oh yeah, and I hope I get it.

  12. This is so exciting!! What prompted you? I won't be able to sleep now, I will be thinking about your interview! Best of luck, keep us posted!

  13. How cool. Is there some website we can go to so that we can vote all of the other contestants off the island? I'm ready with my voting finger and everything.

    - Ark

  14. Awesome! Best of luck -- I hope you get it!

    With all the delicious food I've seen on your blog, I know if I owned a restaurant I'd hire you for sure!

  15. Hey All: Just a quick pop in for me. I'm home from taking Tim to the doctor this morning. We've got another appointment to have his head looked at, see why he's getting so many bad headaches.

    Then I hit the market for some ingredients and now I'm getting ready for my second interview and shift at the fabric shop.

    Thank you so much for the well wishes. I'm feeling pretty darn good right now. Energy good, outlook good.

    Best go eat and get myself ready for interview number two.

    Here I go ...

  16. Best of luck. Nothing better than getting paid for what you love to do.

  17. I'll be thinking about both of you. Keep us posted. The headache gig and tests are no fun, but I am hoping they find something benign.

  18. Hope Tim feels better. Best of luck! But I have to wonder, what will Wiggy do with all the free time and no mommy to watch her??

  19. Good goddess, girl! You've got us all on pins and needles!

    (And if they don't hire you, well, I know how to make voodoo dolls. . .)

  20. Tim is doing MUCH better. Thanks.

    Wiggy will be very bad, I'm sure. She's trouble but totally worth it.

    Voodoo dolls. That's so funny.

    Oh yeah and, I got the job. I got the job. I got the job and did I tell ya? I got the job.

    I rule.

    Thanks everyone for the support. You guys rock.

  21. Awesome!! Congratulations!!

  22. Neat!!! Seems like a great place for ya. Best of luck to you. Remember, it goes 2 ways; you have to see if you'd like to work there too. ;o)

  23. Ark: Organic tomatoes for everyone. My treat.

    Rusty: It's a little place, lots of buy-ins and not a lot of real cooking, but it's start and I'm VERY happy.

    Carol: I agree with that. And out of the places we have, hopefully I made the best choice. We'll see.

  24. Congrats on getting hired. Hope you enjoy working there.

  25. Mo D: It's full-time, local, and food.