11 August 2011

10 Months of Blogging

Honestly, I didn't think I would enjoy it and I sure didn't think I'd last 10 months or even a year.  But it looks like I might just hit that year mark after all.

Cool beaners.

In other news, Wiggy got a hold of some black walnuts and has been sick all day.  She's resting and so far, doing better.

What a little monkey.


  1. Aww. Poor Doggie.

    Congratz on your 10 month anniversary. :)

    - Ark

  2. Poor puppy, did she eat too many biscuits? She looks a little like I feel after eating all those chocolate chip cookies.

  3. Congratulations for hitting the mark! (And yeah, blogging is a great hobby and potentially addictive).

    My best wishes for Wiggy ;)

  4. Ark: Wig is doing much better now. Playing and resting. Thanks. It's been fun blogging. And really, I didn't want to do it. Tim made me. Glad he did.

    Daisey: My bad, I should have said black walnuts. I went back and added it to the post.

    William: I know, I felt bad for her.

    Tzimiscedracul: It is a great hobby though if I had to do if for my job, I don't think I would enjoy it.

  5. Poor little Piggy Wiggy.

    Whenever people get me down I just read your blog and feel better. You make blogging fun, thanks Ivy. :-)

  6. Congrats and thanks for blogging! You're the happiest whisk around!

    No more black walnuts for the wiggy!

  7. Congrats on the 10 month mark!

    Hope Wiggy feels better :)

  8. 10 months! Woo-hoo!!!

    Poor Wiggy -- it breaks my heart to think she's not feeling so well. Tell her Bard sends her a puppy hug!

  9. Congrats to you lovely lady and tell Wiggy I hope she feels better. Silly puppy.

  10. Congratulations! It's addicting, isn't it?

  11. Great job on not only sticking with it but being really good at it.

  12. I hope Wiggy learns her lesson, but I'm guessing she won't make the connection. And congrats on 10 months! You should bake a cake :)

  13. Grats on 10 months. Goes fast, doesn't it? Hope you dog is feeling better.

    Have you done a post or two regarding favorite cookbooks? I'm always curious about that kind of thing.

  14. Congratulations on 10 months--and soon a year!

  15. Congrats! Seems like you've been around longer, actually.

    Thanks for all the kind words, and all the delicious descriptions and pictures of food that make me hungry every time!

  16. Congratulations on your 10 months.

  17. Congrats on the 10 months! And whatever the opposite of "congratulations" is to Wiggy :)

  18. Aw Wiggers, what the heck. Silly puppy! I have a cat that will eat the edges of plastic bags so we have to hide those or risk finding puddles of puke laced with chunks of bags...ack. Way to go on 10 months of blogging and keeping us amused! I am looking forward to another 10 months! Hope the Wiggster feels better soon!

  19. 10 months? Nicely done, ma'am!

  20. It's been a good 10 months, hope Wiggy is feeling better soon.

  21. austrodavicu: She was a little Piggy Wiggy. And black walnuts fresh off a tree stink to the high heavens. What she found yummy, I'm not sure. Thanks for the nice words. Blogging should be fun, not work.

    bliss: No more for her is right. I'll be picking them up daily now. Thank you for reading and the nice words.

    Tenkar: I can't believe it's been 10 months. Wiggy is doing much better this morning. Acting like a nutball. Hyper as hell.

    Bard: She sends puppy hugs back. She's full of piss and vinegar this morning. I guess she's making up for lost time.

    Barking Alein: She was a silly pup. Thanks for the kind words and thanks for thinking of me way back when you did that Swedish Chef.

    Alex: It's sure as heck a lot more fun than I thought it would be.

    Susan: Sometimes I don't feel that I am. Thank you.

    mshatch: The black walnuts are a good size round toy when they fall from the tree and Wiggy LOVES to play with her food. And if it's a round food, forget about it. It's game on.

    Dan: My gosh it does go fast, yes. Pup is doing great this morning. Overly nuts and playful. I have not done a real post of cookery books but I'd have to say my favorite recipe collection is mine. The formulas that I wrote and rewrote and continue to write. But that said, it's a good idea to show off some of my favorite purchased books. Thanks for the idea.

    Trey: A year? My goodness. Hope it's not too hot by you this morning and that both your jobs go well today.

    Lord Gwydion: Before Tim started this blog for me, I had a profile and commented on other blogs. Hope things are going well on your end today. Nice morning here. Feels like fall.

    Norma: Me too. Poor little butthead. But she's super duper good this morning and hyper as all getup.

    Theron: Thanks bunches.

    Mo D: Thank you. And here's to you getting there as well. I hope you enjoy blogging as much as I have. I tell ya, if someone told me I would like it, I would have said no, it's not for me. Glad to be wrong.

    Jess: Thanks bunches. She thinks the black walnuts are toys. They are all over our yard. It's already fall-like here. Have yourself a groovy day and thanks for reading.

    2eDM: Thanks bunches for stopping by.

    Lo-mo: Just the edges? That's something. What pets think of has food. Finding puddles of puke. Sounds like a blog post title. Puddles of Puke. I like that. I should have went with that instead of Blogging for 10 Months.

    christian: Thanks surfer dude. Looking forward to the next copy of your wonderful zine. Love all your recipes as well.

    Papa JJ: It's been a heck of a pile of fun getting to know you guys. Thanks for reading.

    Lurk: Last but for sure not least, Lurker. Thanks for always coming by and commenting. It's been fun getting to know you and Ray. Even though Ray is trouble.

  22. Yay!! Great job. I'm very glad you've stuck around. I enjoy your blogging presence. (I trust Miss Wiggy is feeling MUCH better by now.)

  23. I'm glad you made it to 10 months and are carrying on. Wiggy looks pretty unhappy in that picture, and it makes me feel sad too. Then again, although this story is bad, Lo-mo's is a kind of horror..!

  24. MG Higgins: She is full of energy today. Great to see her jumping about like a crazy pup.

    Porky: Puddles of Puke sounds like a great title. Wish I'd thought of it for yesterday.

    Hope you're having a groovy day.

  25. I've only been blogging for like, 2 weeks. I hope I can last as long as you.

  26. Congrats on the milestone! Thanks for the culinary inspiration and thanks for brightening my own blog with your red, blue, and gold avatar in the comments section. :)

  27. DWei: Hope you have buckets of fun.

    Risus: Holy nice words, Batman. Thanks so much. You Gamer Dudes are alright in my book.

  28. Happy 10 month anniversary!

  29. Love that dog!

    I'm at 11 months myself, and have found blogging very educational. It's great to find that there are other people out there who share weirdness with me. And an obsession with Star Wars.

  30. Rusty: Thanks Bunches. So sorry about your cat :-(

    Hanny: She's a great pup. 11 months? Very cool. Happy almost a year, to you.

  31. Congrats on the milestone!

  32. Congrats on the 10 month mark :)

  33. Congratulations on ten months...well 12 is right around the corner. You have lots of readers and lots of commetns so you shold be proud of yourself. Hope Wiggy feels better!

  34. Admin: Thanks.

    Inverse: And it went so fast.

    Chuck: Thanks for voting for the cakes and the nice words. You guys make my blog fun. Best regulars, ever.

    Wiggy is doing great. Back to being nuts.