01 April 2011

Life is Good

Today, the snow melted, the sun came out and the Cake Crusader awarded me The Worst of the Worst. Included in the list was Cake's arch enemy.  You may know him as the The OSR's Hottest Elf Chick
and promoter of pie. 

Then last night when I got home from the shop, Tim showed me that I was a guest baker at Barking Alien's place. It's me and the Swedish Chef. We made biscuit/scones with strawberries and cream.  I loved it.  So much fun.  To add to the laughs, Tim read the entire post to me using the Chef's voice.  Am I a lucky girl? I think so.

And now ... we're headed into a three day holiday for our anniversary, I made shrimp and carrot rice for the weekend, and there's a chicken roasting in the oven for supper.

And for dessert?  Well, I can't tell you because it's not THAT kind of blog.  But I will say this ... life is good.

Organic brown short grain, carrots, raw ginger, garlic and shrimp.

Then I used Pyrex bowls to store four servings.  So easy.


  1. Very funny but an award is an award, really nice food and make sure you both have plenty of dessert, have a good break.

  2. Thanks, mshatch. I think I will.

  3. It looks delicious as usual and I hope the dessert is even better.

  4. Yes, it definately has been a good day. The sun came out here as well. Truely a magnificent day in bella Italia. Had lunch at a great osteria and sat outside. So glad for Spring!

    I hope you and Tim have a great anniversary!

  5. Happy Anniversary!!!!

  6. Susan: Thanks and Happy Weekend.

    Johnathan: Lunch outside. How fun. Happy Spring!

    Biff: Thanks. It'll be nice to have over the weekend.

    austrodavicus: Much Thanks.

    Christian: Will do and Happy Gardening to you.

  7. I'm sure it was an honor for you just to be nominated. ;)

    Happy anniversary!

  8. Hey, Happy Anniversary!

    Enjoy the 3-day holiday!

  9. That looks amazing, but then again, I have a soft spot for shrimps/prawns.

    Oh, and happy anniversary. Our anniversary is this weekend, too (the missus and I, not Brandon and I... I hope that goes without saying).

  10. Hi Trey: I've never been blog roasted before. I was in good company.

    Hi Bard: Thanks bunches. Nothing big planned, just a mini-staycation kind of thing.

    Hey Beer: Happy Anniversary to you and the missus (not Brandon).

  11. What's wrong with you people? The sun is highly over-rated as a concept. The high in San Antonio today was 94 degrees F (that's like 11,000 degrees C according to my admittedly terrible conversation math).

    Seriously, many congrats on the anniversary. The family that blogs together...I dunno...cuts logs together. Whatever. Congrats and keep on rocking the food blog world.

    It's Friday. Yeah.

  12. Thanks, Cake: I enjoyed your roast today, had a good laugh, and got introduced to a few new blogs. Good day in all.

  13. Man that sure looks good. I think following your blog will for sure get me back on the treadmill. Thanks for stopping by my site for the A-Z challenge. Set one more place at the table for me!

  14. Hi Chuck: One extra seat saved. We've always got plenty to go around.

  15. Hahaaaahaaaaa, the life is good, the best dessert!!!!!
    You are wonterful woman !!!!
    Happy Anniversary!!!!

  16. Perfect ingredients and a great combination. I hope the sun's still shining and it's getting hot.

  17. Magda: Life is good. Thanks and kisses back.

    Bartender: WONDERful. I got that. Thanks for that.

    Porky: Thanks bunches. Just made lunch with leftovers.

  18. Happy Anniversary :o) XXX and shrimps are so yummy! *mouth dribbling*